Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Pacifist

While reading another blog, The WoW Pacifist, I got to thinking about how another achievement would be an interesting idea. I suppose it doesn't really apply to the person writing that blog, as they spend time in battlegrounds in order to get experience-even if they don't actually do any of the killing. However, I have at least one character that has made it to level 70 with 0 Honorable Kills. I would love them to add an achievement for that and add the title "the Pacifist" to it. I would be proud to wear that! Or something similiar(though not derogatory!).

Wyl is my Pacifist. Yes, he is a hunter and has no problem killing mobs. But he has never once stepped foot inside a battleground nor ever even been flagged(except for that one quest in Hellfire Peninsula which force flags you when you talk/fight that guy on the chicken). I am very proud of that blank pvp page on his character sheet. I wish I had that on all my characters, frankly.

I hated the grind way back when for AV rep to get the Frostwolf with my druid-but that wolf was SO worth it back then. My rogue only did bg's recently in order to get the Spirit of Competition minipet. Actually managed to get that on about 6 or 7 characters, despite my loathing of pvp.

But Wyl, I think he deserves recognition for being a peaceful guy. Just saying...

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Alek said...

*appluads* Indeed, I agree! Too many games today focus only combat to notice and award others who have been progressive without being destructive. I mean since when in the real world has progression come from kill, pilaging, and destroying? Never! Some might say war is an example, but I ask those of you who believe so...what did anyone ever get out of killing others? A lower population in that area? I giant mess of corpes to clean up? I find no progression in war, only a stalemate that will continue on for centuries. Now don't get me wrong either. I'm not some pansy hippie who hates war, in fact when it comes to protecting others its a very honorable act, but as a form porgression in the fails :\ all-in-all though, a "The Pacifist" title is deserving of such an achievement