Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Testing Shadowstep

So I logged in to the Public Test Realm today with Rayak and see that my talent points have been wiped again. Cool, maybe it's time to try something different. So I specced up to Shadowstep in Sub. I miss Blade Flurry, but dang having ShadowStep along with Hemo and Ghostly Strike, plus Prep and Premed was incredible!

So I flew out to Isle of Quel'Danas and was killing those manaburners quite quickly! Yes, I know they aren't hard to kill, but Rayak is in crap gear and I've never been able to kill them consistantly without taking a single hit of damage before! Premed(adds 2 combo points), Shadowstep to get up behind them, Cheap shot to stun-and usually I now have 4-5 cp, Hemo, wait for CS to tick down and energy to build back up, boom Kidney Shot and then GS or Shiv or SS and either they were dead or a quick Evis took them out. Taking no damage at all, complete stunlock!

I'm sure this is the PvP set up, and I don't PvP at all, and I do miss Blade Flurry(and wouldn't be able to get it until at least level 71 depending on how I put points). Blade Flurry is a great way to fight two targets at once and really helps while solo grinding. But I think I may be trying out the Subtlety tree once the patch hits. If I can kill a single target quicker, maybe I can get to the second mob quicker. Should be fun to try out anyway!

I may go back to Combat after awhile if Sub doesn't work out in long time grinding though. I do LOVE that the new talents in the first tiers of Sub make the stealth cooldown down to 4 secs rather than the current 5! I like getting back to being stealthed much quicker. :)

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