Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy, busy weekend

Three day weekend, start of summer vacation for the kiddo. Joy.

I got Daneck to level 64 last week. He is fun to play when I feel like playing him. Hubby and I played our Warlocks quite a bit. They are now level 57, finishing up in Winterspring and hopefully headed to Outland soon. We haven't touched EPL or Silithus, so they are possibilities if we feel the need to go back and grind another level out before moving on. My 'Lock is only about 1k from being exalted with Orgrimmar as well, which will be nice-my first Undead character to ride a wolf.

And we dusted off our Dwarf Hunter Trio on Draenor. Got them from 42 to 45 doing some rather tough quests in Feralas. But we got our Sprite Darter babies! The kiddo and I have gone back to get Darnassus reps so that we can get cats to ride, we are at 7k/21k and haven't finished Teldrassil and haven't touched Darkshore. We should have them soon! (of course, today is TUESDAY! >.< )

And...I got them to boost my rogue through Deadmines last night. Did get the Buzzer Blade and Thief's Blade, and Smelting Pants but friggin Van Cleef drops the Corsair Overshirt instead of the 3 things he could drop that I could use!! At least I got the Tunic of Westfall from the quest. Need the shoulders from Shadowfang Keep now and he will be set for awhile. :) And at level 17, he is almost revered with Darnassus already and has barely done any Darkshore quests! So yes, he will ride a cat too if I can help it. And yes, Daneck rides a cat. Can't help it. I like 'em! Heh.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Level 54

That's what our warlocks are after last night. Special. Four levels from Outland. And then I will have EIGHT characters out there. I really do have a real life, I swear it.

And now the Wrath of the Lich King is starting Alpha testing. That means in about six months I will have to level all of these characters to 80!! EIGHT- OH! I need to get my personal website finished before then, I may not see much of the outside world once that hits.

Help me.....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Some one please stop me...... /cry

Ok, so we got our Warlocks to level 51. Played them up to their rested pins. Aaaaaaaand decided to dust off our old hunters on Draenor and try to get the kiddo back playing with us. We leveled them a bit the one day this week that hubby got home before bedtime. And then I did it.....

I started another alt. I wanted a rogue to play while hubby and kiddo are not at home or not interested. I already HAD one at level 10, but I didn't like his name. So I started a Gnome rogue. Male. Named Hekubus. (I was watching some Kids in the Hall skits this week, and of course someone had the spelling I wanted, good thing 'c' and 'k' are interchangable) And now he sits at level 15. At 5k/12k to revered with Darnassus(because of course he will ride a cat and not a mechanical chicken). Found a Blood Elf Bandit Mask on his first kill of one of those bandit guys. He looks silly in it though. Now ready to take on Darkshore for more Darn. rep and a Deadmines run-through.

Sigh...I just can't stop. I hate this!!! >.<

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Shattered Sun and Children's Week

Ok, so it's been awhile since I posted. I've been either busy or bored. And both most of the time. So here is the skinny...

Rayak, Eremit and Tohopka are exalted with SSO. Kick is about 8k from it. And I am bored out of my skull with those quests. Haven't done any in about 2 weeks.

All 3 of my exalteds have about 12 Badges of Justice, each. And you need at least 15 for something decent for my Paladin and Shaman, 25 for a cloak for my Rogue. And I just can't bring myself to do those quests anymore in hopes of getting the badges. I think that they may just sit in my bank and rot. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Our Warlock duo is up to level 48. I have been running around doing old Orgrimmar quests in an attempt to get exalted so that mine can ride a wolf when he wants to ride something different than the fiery horse. I like wolves. He is at about 13k/21k, only about 8k more, but I am getting bored with this too.

Did Children's Week quests with most of my main characters-and at least all of the ones in Outland. I wanted to do as many as physically possible, but I even got bored with that.

Now if I could only just STOP playing altogether since I am so bored!! Argh. I got my Hobbit Hunter in LotRO to level 25, nearly 26. Bored there too sadly. Maybe it's just a thing I am going through.