Monday, January 14, 2013

"Demon Hunter" reaches level 85

   If you have read this blog for several years(haha doubt that), you might know about my "Rogue Demon Hunter" that I started back in 2008(Wyndampryce). In short, I love the tv show "Angel" and thought the idea of the character of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce calling himself a "Rogue Demon Hunter" got me wanting to have one of my own. We may someday have an actual class of "Demon Hunter", but until then I decided I would make a "Rogue" who was strictly a "Demon Hunter". For his first forty some-odd levels, I only leveled him by grinding on Demon "creatures" in the world. As he got higher, finding Demons to fight has become more difficult. So I started in on quests.
  The only quests I allowed him to complete were those that did not include killing anything, or killing Demons. Holiday quests have been a huge boon to his leveling all these years. As have cooking and fishing dailies that came along later.
  Up until level 60, the only mobs he had killed were Demons-except for 2 humans who happened to be Warlocks(in Desolace). I figured they controlled the Demons, so it didn't hurt my count too bad.
  Outland was fairly easy to get through. There are Demons all over the place. But Northrend proved a challenge. He got stuck in his 70s for quite a long time until I decided to adapt. I decided that the real enemy there, and maybe just as bad as Demons, were the Scourge. So killing Undead/Scourge became an okay thing to add to his list of ways to level.
  Cataclysm and the 80s have taken quite awhile too. I finally got through it by simply gathering herbs, exploring and archaeology. I actually hit Zen Master Archaeologist at the exact same time I hit level 85. Nice Karma there.

  And now to Pandaria. I am going to have to adapt again. I did the intro quest only up to flying the helicopter around and getting the first weapon reward. Since I wasn't physically killing the Horde with my hands, I deemed it passable. After that though I refuse to kill any Horde at all. Leveling up will include herbalism, archaeology, exploring and the wonderful addition of the treasures of Pandaria that give quite a bit of XP. But as to quests and killing...I've decided on what should be okay to kill and what is off-limits. Sha, Mogu and Sprites are okay; Horde, other humanoids(including Hozen), any beasts, are not okay.

 Should be interesting to see if I can get him to level 90 before the next expansion comes out!