Friday, October 03, 2008

More preparing...

Things I am doing while waiting for the patch and LK:

Exploring-my druid and rogue are fully explored, want to work on my human mage also being fully explored; don't really have time for the others. As soon as I hit Northrend-well as soon as possible-I will be stealth discovering as much as possible with my druid and rogue in order to get the achievement, title and tabard.

Collecting: mini-pets(to get the achievement and new mini-pet skunk for hitting 50 pets); mounts-to get to 50 for the Reins of the Albino Drake; and reputation. Need rep for Skyguard for more mounts, and rep for Silvermoon on my pre-BC characters(it isn't easy). Currently my rogue has access to 46 mounts-getting the Skyguard rep will put him over 50. My druid however cannot ride most mounts and will be stuck at 40 until LK comes out. That sucks. My mage is full Alliance exalted for 25 mounts, but does not have epic flying and isn't exalted with Kurenai yet so no Talbuks. It won't be happening for him for awhile.

Money: I was hoping to have all my characters at at least 2k gold each for LK, but I am thinking I will need to work on that. Oh, I'm already pretty much there, but buying mounts when the patch hits will put a big dent in that so it's time to start hitting up dailies again.

Herbs: to level inscription on my rogue. At least the glyphs are mailable to my alts AND it makes my enchanting more viable to my alts. I LOVE that. Fill up on some +7 weapon damage vellums and mail them to my rogue so he can pop one on any new weapon he gets instead of waiting for hubby to log in to his character for the enchant. Basically.

So what I am doing sitting here writing? I've got lots to do!

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