Saturday, October 04, 2008

Post Your Bank

So another blog out there challenged WoW bloggers to post their banks. This is Rayak's bank, since I just got a screenshot of it. Can you tell I am anxious for the next patch to get here?

I use the Bagnon inventory addon. This is what Rayak has in there:

Row 1: Halaa crystals and tokens(he already has the 18 slot bag, have nothing else to spend these on; Arcane Runes; Halaa Battle Tokens(2, big woop they will never be spent either); Winterfall Firewater; Lifelike Mechanical Toad; extra fishing line from daily; tabard(others listed below); pumkin heads from last year; Haliscan outfit; Blue Overalls; Blood Elf Bandit Mask; my big whopping 13 BoJ

Row 2: Necklace of the Deep; Charm of Alacrity; Ninja wand; Winterfall beads; Xmas cookies(lol); EoTS and AV tokens which will never be spent; Reindeer things; extra fishing hat(wearing one in picture); old belt; Spectracles(?); Felsteel neck; Scroll of?; old gloves; Darkmoon tix?

Row 3: several daggers I kept; Winterfall quest totem; Stormshroud shoulders, legs; Zombie Skin leggings; original shirt; Gold Wedding Band; tabards(Competitors, Scryer, Maghar, Sporeggar, guild, Scarlet)

Row 4: more old gear, can't recall what; Orb of the Whelpling; Candy Heart from my kid:) ; Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin'; Red Rose; plain letter(about the orphan kid I think); Steamy Romance Novel; Rogue's Diary(I love being a rogue!); flash powder; Hallow's eve candy!?; Lucky Charm, Rabbits feet

Row 5: lots more old gear, especially hats and masks that I really liked; some old trinkets; Black Tabby; Blue Brewfest mug

Row 6: Sleepy Willy; more old hats; Green Wing Macaw; Mech Squirrel; various holiday outfits;

Row 7: Slow and swift Brewfest Rams; slow raptor, kodo, horse, wolf, wyvern; Snowman kit(dumb); Mech Chicken; Senegal; Cockatiel; Blue Dragonhawk; Manawyrm; Brown rabbit; Ancona Chicken;

Row 8: lots more pets

Row 9: and lots more pets! including my Disgusting Oozeling! If you are counting, there are 42 minpets in the picture, several more BoE ones are on an alt-oh and currently 13 mounts!

And you can see my actual bags too and how full they are! I will be SOOOOOO happy when the patch gets here! So much bagspace, I won't know what to do with it all!

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