Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Got my Sea Turtle!

Yeah! I finally went out to attempt to fish up the Sea Turtle mount. I went to the lake just south of Camp Winterhoof in Howling Fjord. One trip around the lake, 29 catches later, and there he was! I could not believe it! What's more shocking is that I got it so easily with Kick-she NEVER has luck with fishing! She still doesn't have any Crocs or the Fishing Hat and has only gotten worthless glass from the new fishing quests(and I can't count the MILLIONS of stupid lobsters I've caught so far without Mr Pinchy coming up)! I wonder if my luckier fellas, Rayak(has 2 Crocs, the hat, etc) and Daneck(got the Bone Fishing Pole in his first fishing daily bag, and has Chuck!) will fair just as well if I take them out??

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Explorer #5

That's right, I took an hour or so to finish running Daneck through Storm Peaks and Ice Crown to finish off his exploring, getting the tabard and title! He is one bar from level 74 now. Exploring XP just from the last few zones in Northrend filled up almost 2 bars. This makes him my 5th character with the Explorer title and tabard, and the 2nd one to get it before level 77(when you get flying in Northrend).

In other news, I got the Sprite Darter pet with Kick after about 2 hours and 10 minutes of farming. And then I went and got the Westfall Chicken putting her number of minipets at 70! Of course, the fishing quest in Shat was crocs but that mean old man just won't give Kick a baby croc. :(

Also, took my engineer on Kael'Thas, Tohopka, to Gnomer to get the recipe for Lil Smoky. Took about 6 or 7 Nullifiers to get the recipe and then back to Dalaran where I had all of the mats already. I never realized he was so small! And smoky! My engineer on Draenor couldn't get in to Gnomer for some reason, kept getting "Instance Not Found", so will have to wait on that one. And my third engineer will probably wait until next week as well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And it goes down...of course

So the realms FINALLY came back up last night around 7pm my time. With HORRIBLE lag(due to either everyone and their dog logging on at the same time or hubby watching some tv show on hulu at the same time on his computer-not sure). I did get the following things accomplished before hitting the hay(and checking in again this morning to see the realms going down for another 2 hours!):
  • Rogue, Rayak:
  1. Talent points done
  2. Logged out in Grizzly Hills, took about 20 kills to get the book Technique: Rituals of the New Moon; made 4 books(1 black wolf, 2 red, 1 grey-black for me, red for my kid's mage, other 2 for AH)-put one on AH for 275g
  3. Fishing daily-Ghostfish, rewards-vile of poison which starts another quest to turn in to someone in sewers, awarded another 13g and 250 more Kirin Tor rep
  4. Put lots of glyphs that have been gathering dust in our guild bank on the AH-logged in long enough this morning to see 2 full pages of money from AH!!
  5. Bought black wolf mount in Orgrimmar
  • Hunter, Wyl:
  1. Talent points put in for him and pet(Briarsting is my boar from level 10, got in Westfall-look forward to doing some AoE Thunderstomp farming with him!)
  2. Put 20 slot bag in place of quiver! Stacked up ammo and I have so much bag space now! YAY!
  3. Bought black wolf mount in Orgrimmar
  • Hunter, Windextor:
  1. Talent points put in
  2. Bought black wolf mount!
  3. Equipped Travellers Backpack and have so much bag space!
  • Druid, Kickingbird
  1. Talent points put in(no dual for her, still kitty feral only)
  2. Fishing daily-Ghostfish, rewards-worthless piece of orange glass :( btw, my kid also did the quest and she got the porcelain bell which sells for 100g!
  3. Learned new cooking recipe, Black Jelly
  4. Did cooking daily-Convention
  5. Headed to Feralas to farm Sprite Darter. Lots of people on Warcraftpets.com said they had gotten it quickly. After an hour I hadn't gotten one, so my luck just sucks
  • Rogue, Wyndampryce
  1. Just put several glyphs I had extra on the AH

And that's about all I had time to do. I went to bed at 11pm last night(which is at the least an hour past my bedtime, hehe, I'm tired this morning). And I log in this morning to see that realms are going down for another 2 hours. Sigh.

Need to...get started on Argent Tournament! I tried the Sprite Darter farming for an hour, I think more of that will have to wait now. And since it is Bind on Pickup, there won't be any need to shell out loads of G on the AH for it-which is sort of good(eek, just spent 1450g on Dark Whelpling last week-somewhere around 1500 kills and no drop makes someone very needy).

Should...log in with everyone and at the very least replace talent points.

Oh and addons...XPerl-had to update; TomTom-probably not going to worry about it being gone right now; LeaveMeAlone-WANT UPDATE OR EQUIVALENT NOW!; Altoholic-update is said to be coming, will live without for now; Ackis recipe List-updated; AmmoFu-completely broken, don't really need it now though. Everything else seems to be working okay, especially AuctionLite and GatherMate and Cartographer. Excellent.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch 3.1 is here

So much to do, so much time to wait for realms to come back up.

Mini-pet news:
  • Westfall Chicken available in Brill(my rogue has it, will be getting it now on all other toons)
  • Engineering pets available from dropped recipes in Gnomer(I have 3 engineers)
  • Crab pet available from new fishing dailies
  • Sprite Darter drops from Darters in Feralas(YaY! another to farm)
  • Many new pets from Argent tournament, 5 for own faction, 1 new "Squire" kid to follow you around, and finding the other factions pets in the AH(for tons of G I'm sure)(note to self: MUST level human mage SOON!)

New Recipes:
  • Alchemy: low level +hit elixir
  • Engineering: both pets available from drops in Gnomer
  • Inscription: dropped recipe in Grizzly Hills for book that transforms you into a wolf
  • Inscription: new glyphs from randomly dropped books(ick, I hate this)
  • Jewelcrafting: a few new ring recipes
  • Enchanting: some new ones, didn't really pay attention, my enchanting probably isn't high enough anyway
  • Cooking: 2 new recipes, also need to save up 100 tokens for chef's hat!
  • Fishing: new dailies in Dalaran! Chance for crab pet! Fish up turtle mount in pools! So much!
Re-doing ALL talent points!
Argent Tournament!
Three new low level Horde mounts!

Now I need to do some busy work so the day will go by faster!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Explorer

Not yet, but I plan on working on it this week. I was playing Geocacher and realized he didn't have a title. I thought "Ambassador" would probably be pretty easy, since he already has Darnassus and Stormwind to exalted. Then I thought, nope, how could a GEOCACHER NOT be an explorer!! I mean, the very nature of a geocacher is to be an explorer! And if you don't know what geocaching is, you can read about it here on wikipedia. I generally feel that playing WoW is like "virtual geocaching" for me. :) So...from levels 65 to 68 I will be working on exploring Azeroth and Outland. Once Geo hits 68, he gets flight form so I can finish any places in Outland that were unattainable. And then it is time for the death romp through Northrend. But I want this badly now that I've thought about it!

And Wormtongue has turned level 74. Learned the Dalaran portal. One hand good-I can port my kid's characters there now. Other hand bad-prepared to be bugged constanstly any time he is back in Old World. He may never see Undercity again(hey they have Mage trainers in Dalaran!).

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kickingbird, as of now

This is my main, Kickingbird, level 80 Druid. I just wanted to show a screenshot of how she looks now. I only log in with her these days to do the cooking daily(gotta have that cooking hat when the next patch hits! Only 60 more tokens to go). And she will do the fishing daily when it comes in the next patch. Sometimes I go out and mine with her, but I try to use other characters that are still leveling up mining to do that.

And that is probably how she will look one year from now. That's cool. I like the look. She spends most of her time in some other form anyway, so it doesn't make much difference! Well, I do ride around on that Green Proto Drake that I got from the Oracles at times. Just because it's so freakin' cool!

But I love her. I love playing her. She is me. Yep.

It's "Lost" night

Another reason why I don't raid! Yeah, I like tv shows. And no, I don't have tivo(and don't intend to get it anytime soon).

So here's the schedule...

Monday-Big Bang Theory, 2nd half of House, Monday Night Football in season
Tuesday-American Idol, The Mentalist
Wednesday-American Idol, Lost
Thursday-Bones, CSI,
Friday-this is family movie/pizza night
Saturday-nothing on tv, play WoW with family members
Sunday-Amazing Race

Any time not taken up when I'm not playing is usually spent watching something on The History Channel or Discovery Channel. And I usually go to bed at 9pm central.

There is no leeway in that schedule. The only nights there isn't something "concrete" planned is Friday and Saturday-and those are times I spend playing my characters with my husband and my kid. I could never agree to any guild's 'raid schedule' because I have my own more important schedule. :)

I ganked someone....SHOCK!!!

Yes. I did. I only play on PvE servers, but I have to say that this guy deserved it.

Realm: Norgannon
His name: no clue, started with a "G", Dwarf hunter, level 36ish

It started out early in the day, husband and I were playing our level 25 Blood Elf Paladins. We were finishing up some quests in Silverpine Forest and were heading to the Greymane Wall to get that guy's hand. We see Son of Arugal and decide to extract some revenge on him. About halfway through, while we are using the AoE Consecrate because I hadalso aggroed a worg in the area, both Arugal and the wolf die quickly as I THINK another wolf has run in. Turns out the "new" wolf had the name "Shadow" and I thought "that's not right?!" Well, yeah, it was this flagged numbnut Dwarf who must have thought either he'd flag us by running through our Consecrate or that we would accidently attack his flagged wolf and then he could kill 2 lowbies without them knowing what hit them.

I HATE JERKS LIKE THIS!!! (insert extremely mad face here)

It just so happens that a few hours later I am running around the Barrens on my level 60 Death Knight looking for copper and tin mines. I see the call on Local Defense that "Southern Gold Road is under attack!" Since I am near there, I thought I'd take a peek at who it was that killed poor Gann. And I get to him just before he gets to the Great Lift. And guess who? Yep, that same little Dwarf. He had been ?? to our Paladins, but I now see he is only level 36. I stop my DK in front of him before he gets to the Lift and give him a "/no" but this little sh*t goes right past me and sends his wolf on the first Horde guard at the Lift. And so I couldn't help myself-I ran over and with a couple of strokes he was dead. YOU DON'T ATTACK MY NPCs THAT YOU DON"T NEED TO!

Sidenote: I have taken at least 5 Alliance characters through this area. It is pretty much the only way to get to the flight path that Alliance have in western Thousand Needles. And NOT ONCE did I have to kill those guards! In fact, in four years of playing I have never killed a opposing factions NPC. Never.

Yeah, I'm a coward. I didn't know if this guy had a rogue running with him(most people don't run around flagged on PvE servers for no reason). So since I was now flagged I took off into the instance portal of RFK, which is pretty close. It automatically un-flags you. I came right back out only to find that poor guard at the Lift was now dead. So I took the Lift down into Thousand Needles. Me: Death Knight with the Unholy talent of "On a Pale Horse" vs a level 30 mount. Yeah, I caught up to him pretty quick. Death Grip, Icy Touch, Chains of Ice and another death for this SCHMO! I didn't stick around this time. I was sick to my stomach over this but I was PMSing and PISSED that people have NO REGARDS for other players and NO HONOR!

If it hadn't been the same JERK from the morning, I probably would have let him be, but he pushed a button and I was able to get some revenge on an IDIOT. It felt like Karma did its job. And I hated myself for having to teach some numbnut a lesson(not that it did, I'm sure he doesn't give a flying CRAP about anyone but HIMSELF). It just goes to prove the reason why I prefer to solo that to associate with what seems to me to be MOST of the wads that play this game.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Geocacher turns 65

Had enough time to log in and get Geocacher, my moonkin, to level 65. Three more levels to flight form and Northrend!

Also working on getting my baby Priest, Deschanel, rep with Darnassus. Finished Teldrassil, one bar from level 23 and hit revered on last quest. Now need to go back and finish the Draenei areas(took her to Stormwind early) and then Darkshore. Hoping to ride a kitty at level 30!

Rolling restarts today

So it looks like I might get to play a bit today. I am still trying to spend more time working on my photo website, but at least when I need a "fix" I can get on today.

Yesterday, leveled Wyndampryce to 25. Wonder if there are different demons I can find other than those in southwest Ashenvale? Those guys suck-they barely drop anything and those felguards have a knockdown and ticks me off. The satyrs in eastern Ashenvale are still too high level I think-need to check.

Also, Wyl opened his 2nd Oracles egg and got a Tickbird Hatchling. Cool, he didn't have that. Bought a new egg and took Rayak down and bought him a new egg too(he only needs the mount I think).

Hubby sold a Savory Deviate Delight recipe that dropped for us on Sunday for 400g!! That was on our baby Paladins on Norgannon that were broker than broke at level 25 so what a bonus! YaY!

Monday, April 06, 2009

I love titles!

I recently went out and got the "Explorer" title for my level 71 Death Knight(he's 74 now). It got me to thinking exactly how many titles do I have across all of my characters? So here is what I have(in order of character creation per realm):

  1. Senior Sergeant
  2. Ambassador
  3. the Diplomat
  4. Argent Champion
  5. Chef
  6. the Love Fool
  7. the Explorer
  8. the Seeker

  1. Grunt
  2. Ambassador

  1. Sergeant

  1. Ambassador

  1. Ambassador
  2. the Explorer
  3. of the Shattered Sun

  1. Sergeant
  2. Ambassador
WYL, 78
  1. Ambassador
  2. the Explorer
  1. Ambassador

  1. the Explorer

I think that's it for now. I'm working on others of course. I will try to list them when I get them.

Update after vacation!

My goodness how fast a week can go by! And the week after that....grumble, grumble. So 2 weeks ago we had vacation time-kiddo off from school and hubby gets the week off from work. We did spend a few days on the road in East Tennessee, and a day at the zoo-but the rest of the time, we were leveling fiends!

You see, I get all day, every day to play alone. Notice why I have so many characters listed over there---->
Hubby and kid don't get as much time. Kiddo has 1 level 80 and 2 level 70s(one is a Death Knight), the rest of her characters are no higher than about 30 with most being 10 or lower. Hubby tries to play but he works a lot. He has 1 level 80, and then a 74, 73, 72, a couple at 70 and a 60 and the rest are 20s or lower. So they wanted to spend their week off playing!

It went by so fast it really seemed a blur, (and I should have blogged about it sooner-other things on my mind) but I will try to recall who all we played...(the numbers tell whether the characters are a trio, duo or my solo)

3 Death Knights on Kael'Thas: level 65 to 70!
3 Hunters on Draenor: level 69 to 71
2 My mage/his hunter: level 72 to 73
2 Death Knights on Draenor: level 72 to 74
and when I had time alone I got...
Hunter on KT: level 76 to 78
Druid on KT: level 62 to 64

I think that's about it. It was a great week! And then last week was back to normal and it just flew by too. It wil be summer before we know it. Sigh...

Also of note...my Rogue Demon Hunter, Wyndampryce is now level 24!