Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The easiest PvP achievement for PvP haters

Make Love, Not Warcraft was one of those PvP achievements that I had almost overlooked. My kid made a macro and was trying so hard in AV to get it and got really excited when she finally did.

But I didn't have to PvP to get the achievement on either of my main characters!

My druid was sitting in Orgrimmar, minding her own business, when a level 70 Draenei Shaman comes Ghostwolf-ing through town. She was killed just as she hit the Drag. I ran to follow out of curiousity and when I noticed she hadn't released after dieing(Shammy, probably waiting for everyone to leave so she could Reincarnate), I went over and /hugged her! No having to do PvP, just an oppurtunity to grab it.

With my rogue, I was sitting in SM, near the portals, hoping for a Headless Horseman group(which never happened), when of COURSE PvP broke out. And to my luck and astonishment, one Night Elf hunter was not releasing after getting stomped. I remembered the achievement and quickly ran over to give him his /hug. Another perfect opportunity and I never had to enter a battleground to get that achievement!

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