Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King

It's been a busy last few weeks. No, I'm not in Beta(darn it!), but good gooogly moogly am I reading a LOT about it!

In the past few weeks I've taken a short vacation and several day trips. Got a bit bored and wasn't anxious to log in and play though I knew I wanted to. However in the past week, with all of the info from WotLK Beta coming out, well I'm getting super hyper excited about this expansion! And now I can't decide who I want to play when I log in because I want to play ALL of my characters!

Where to start...ok, things accomplished in the past 2 weeks:
Wyl is now exalted with Shattered Sun. That makes 5 of my 6 70s at exalted. And Wormy is revered. :)
Got Snarly with Rayak from fishing quest(and another fishing hat, didn't need another one, my Druid needs one!). Now Rayak has Snarly and Chuck, Eremit has Toothy.
Created the Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer gun for hubby's hunter(my hunter uses a crossbow). He is happy. It looks awesome!
Ran Scarlet Monastery a few times(gy and lib only) with my Gnome Rogue-got one set of Bloody Brass Knuckles and the Dog Training Gloves. Nothing else decent. Nearly level 33.
Ran Strat several times because the kiddo has decided she wants the Deathcharger. Sure, so does everyone and their dog. We killed Baron I think 5 times, no drop of course. I did get a Piccolo of the Flaming Fire on one run and kiddo got the Crimson Felt Hat-she likes dressing up. That place is not all that easy even with 3 70s(albeit we are in crap gear for 70s)-we used my Paladin, hubby's Priest and kiddo and her Mage.
Oh and I almost forgot! We managed to run that new quest within Old Hillsbrad to get the cool sombrero hat by fighting the character Don Carlos. We were able to 3man it and get the hat for every single one of our 70s! It is pretty cool looking. The heroic version would be nice, because it comes with a Coyote pet, but none of our 70s can ever get into the heroic version. Oh well.

NOW...to talk about WRATH and the things I am aching to see when it gets here!!

Mounts and mini pets becoming spells and not taking up bag slots! I will be going on a shopping spree once this hits! Must have all mini pets possible(except the roach. No thank you)!!

Achievements! So the things I think are cool will be rewarded(like exploration and collecting mini pets) and then people can see that I don't so instances. So frekin what. Like I care about that! Don't pvp either. So what. Maybe I would instance more if the people I THOUGHT were my friends would instance with us. Haven't heard much from them lately. And that's more of a loss on a REAL LIFE level, the only friend we had. Oh well, at least we won't have to attend that stupid fantasy football crap this year.

DEATH KNIGHTS! OH-EM-GEEEE! Just looking over the Deathknight.info website over and over makes me want to make one so frikkin bad I could just scream! Ya know, at first I was like "cool", then for the longest I was like "nope, not gonna make one, who really cares" and NOW I'm like "GIVE ME NOW!!" The starting gear looks a million times better than any crap I am wearing on my 70s, the mount they ride is beyond cool, and the fighting looks incredible! I can NOT wait. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Patch Day

Woohoo! Mounts at level 30! My level 30 Gnome rogue will be riding his Spotted kitty. I also have 3 other level 30ish: Geocacher, druid, will definitely get his cat; the other two I can't decide if they will get deleted at some time and I would hate to waste the money on it if they are. Level 34? hunter-may delete and start a Troll Priest. Maybe. Level 30ish Orc warrior may be deleted for the Death Knight-well someone has to go. Sigh.

And new outfits for bank alts, cool. Netherwing pet, only for my druid who is the only one I managed to get to exalted with Skyguard. Green gems back in mining, yeah!

Not much else of excitement except the new clock system. But yeah, patch day!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This week sucked

Ok, so yeah I got my 6th character to level 70, Daneck to level 65 and our Dwarf Hunters to level 60 and finally bought our epic mounts(Swift Mistsaber ftw). But now it sucks. The only person I considered a friend has run out on us. He kept backing out of trips to come over for all day LAN parties(basically) with WoW, twice in the last couple of weeks. And then he goes to visit his brother and decides while he is there to quit our guild and join this big one so he can raid. Fine.

First of all, he hiked a buttload of Primals right last week. Don't know what for. *I* am the one who spends all day farming 99% of those damn things. Yeah he is in full epics from pvping(which I KNOW he doesn't actually do most of the time, his kid or other friends log in and play his character). So fine, wanna hang out with other FULL PURPLED people, FINE. What gets me is they won't have anything to do with any of my characters because me gear is crappy. Wouldn't a friend HELP a friend get better gear if they wanted to play with them more????? So apparently nobody WANTS to play with me because I SUCK. Fine. I figured as much. This just PROVES it. I'll just go back to my soloing.

Another reason to HATE this game. You find out who your friends are. :(

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Six Seventies....

Yes, Tuesday after maintenance, I logged in with Wyl and within an hour or so he was level 70. Put on all the Stalker's gear(yeah, I know it ain't meant for pve, but it's better than what I had on and I'm pretty much only soloing with him, so I'm not hurting anyone or trying to top the DPS charts in some mega-guild. So who cares-it looks cool!), bought my flying mount.

And then headed off to start the Shattered Sun dailies. And here it is, three days later(Tues, Wed, Thur) and I am into honored with them. Looking forward to the crossbow at revered and necklace at exalted. Shouldn't take too long as long as I keep at it. And I've pretty much already made back what I spent on my flying mount. Sweet.

Now to get Daneck to 70. He is at 64 and 1/3.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A few more bars to go

Wyl is ready for 70 with only three bars to fill. Got to honored with Lower City and Shatar yesterday(also got to honored with Aldor in the process). Have four parts of the blue pvp set(not that I will pvp with it). Just need a few more gems to fill the slots. And then decide if I want the Felstalker Armor-which I think I might, though I do like the Breastplate of Rapid Striking that I have. Then I get hubby to enchant everything and start him on the Shattered Sun dailies. There isn't much there for hunters, but the head enchant at revered is nice. The one from Cenarion would be nicer, but they aren't as easy to get to revered with. Oh and need Enchanted Felscale Boots. Then he will need a blue ring and the trinket from the hfp quest(*still* haven't done, hehe) and he will be in all blue! Woot!