Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not a good first day...

So I waited for the realms to come up. Anxiously. A few realms popped up with some old random characters on them. Logged in just to check add-ons and whatnot. All add-ons were broken. No problem. Turn them off.

Finally Draenor comes up(and thank GOODNESS it was that one and NOT Kael'Thas first!), and I log in with my little Gnome Rogue, with his Ambassador title and all. Sitting there, in Stormwind on his Elekk...I throw my talent points in and talk to the trainer to learn the new disarm move. Cool. Now to learn the mounts, Black Stallion, Gray Elekk, Gray Ram and Spotted Frostsaber. Cool. Check them out on new character page. Cool. Run over to bank to see if I have any minipets to learn and work on my macro for summoning random mounts. And then BOOM...

Server crash..

No biggie, right? It's bound to happen a few times the first day. So I try and try again and finally manage to get back in. And I am back on my elekk in front of the rogue trainer. And my talent points are empty again. And I open my bags and I see the Black Stallion...and no other mounts. I check the character sheet and the 'pet tab' is not even there. BUT I AM ON MY ELEKK! And of course, as soon as I dismount to learn the Black Stallion I get the pet tab with ONLY the horse, and my other mounts are just GONE. Yeah. Poof.

So...that is why I am SOOO glad it was Draenor that came up and I logged in and did this with Hek. At least it was just a few level 30, 8gold mounts. It could have been my rogue, Rayak, and his 52 pets and however many mounts. That would have had me in hysterics.


So I wait to see if I will get my mounts back. And others hope they will get back much MUCH rarer things than I lost.

And I am still so glad it wasn't Rayak or Kick.

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