Monday, September 29, 2008

Public test realm -patch 3.0

So I've transferred a few of my characters over to the PTR. Basically I did it to test out the achievements and see what areas I had missed exploring. And to try out Inscription with my rogue who is picking it up. So far it looks very interesting-but a lot of work. I didn't have my cache of herbs with me when I transferred, so I've been running around and picking herbs while doing the leveling-but at least this gives me an idea of how much I will need of each herb before this goes live. A rough estimate anyway.

But I can't really comment on a lot of things from the PTR. Obviously because I don't raid, instance or pvp, so I don't know how those things are different. I'm to busy running around finding critters for the "For All The Squirrels I've Loved Before" achievement. And finding out how many cooking recipes I have/need.

Yes, I'm weird.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm not ready!

So the Patch 3.0.2 is on the PTR now meaning it is maybe 2 or 3 weeks away! This patch will do several things...

Add achievements, I LOVE this new addition!
Some really cool changes for my Druid, including using items in forms, Feral Kitty Charge!, and entangling roots and feral swiftness usable indoors
Inscription being added!
Hunter pet changes, plus being able to tame a Devilsaur or other exotic pets!

Not so good:
with achievements...lots of things I'm not done with yet in order to ACHIEVE some achievements!
need to farm LOTS more herbs for inscription that my Rogue is taking up
and the big ones...
Paladin class getting a HUGE change, I'm not sure I'll know how to play him anymore
Rogue changes that I'm not real thrilled with
Hunter changes that I'm not real sure about

So recently I went back and got my Pally and Hunter to exalted with Thunder Bluff, so they are both full exalted with Horde factions. In fact, all three of my Blood Elves are full exalted-and they will get the "Ambassador" title. Cool. Only I can't manage to do this with my 2 Taurens and Undead. Too many quests were done before rep changes and before Silvermoon was added. They are all exalted with Orgrimmar(and my Druid is also with Trolls), but the rest are proving tough. And I feel like I've done dern near every quest possible for rep with them. Will just have to hope for more rep from holiday quests and Lunar Festival.

Even more to do...finish exploring Kalimdor with my Druid(need the NElf and Draenei islands). Farming more rare pets. More more more.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Exalted with Timbermaw!

It took awhile and was amazingly boring most of the time-and annoying when others showed up in my grind spot and ruined my rep-per-hour formula...BUT I finally got it done with my druid, Kickingbird! Pretty cool seeing your name announced by Thrall throughout all of Orgrimmar. :) The trinket is cool, but the little Timbermaw guy doesn't last very long.

This brings me to todays topic of being Exalted. With the new achievements coming with Wrath, these just might mean something more than vendor discounts. For example, the aforementioned Kickingbird, being Exalted with Timbermaw as well as Sporeggar and The Mag'har in Outland, will recieve the title of "the Diplomat". I rather like the sound of that! It also looks like anyone Exalted with all 5 of your home factions, such as my rogue, Rayak, will get the title of "the Ambassador". That's cool too. I'm fairly close to being full exalted on several of my characters and will spend the time in the next few weeks getting them there.

I'm not certain I can get the "exalted with 25 or more factions" title, because many of the seemingly easy ones(the ones most people have exalted on it seems) are Outland factions that require continuous instance runs(Cenarion, Thrallmar, Shat'ar, Lower City, etc) and I am barely above honored on all of those simply because I do not do instances. Oh well. I hope there aren't too many of those in Northrend and that most factions will have a way to grind rep solo.

Also looking forward to the titles and tabards that go along with many achievements. Aside from those I mentioned above, I think my rogue may be able to get the "Chef" title at some point, as well as a title of "the Explorer" and an Explorer's tabard. I am also hoping for the title of "the Seeker" on at least one other character(preferably Wormtongue) by finishing 3000 total quests-but I need to get him back to every zone and make sure nothing has been missed!

Hmmm, WoW finally making this game fun for me. Which means I simply CANNOT quit the game EVER now! Argh.

Friday, September 05, 2008

More WotLK things-to-do

I am so looking forward to Wrath-and yet I feel like I'm nowhere near ready. I am currently working on getting Kickingbird to exalted with Timbermaw(7300/12k right now) as there is a title of "the Diplomat" for being Exalted with Mag'har, Sporeggar and Timbermaw. Kick is already exalted with the other two, and I think "Kickingbird the Diplomat" fits my style quite nicely. I'd prefer something like "the Loner" or "the Quiet", but not sure how those would fit in.

There is also a title, "the Explorer" for having your full map filled in. Kick is done with Outland and Eastern Kingdom, with just a few places in Kalimdor to grab(the NElf and Draenei areas-fun). Rayak is pretty much done except for one spot I missed on Bloodmyst Isle. I suppose it will also include the new zones, so I don't expect to get that one on launch day.

I like titles, that's one thing I like about LotRO. My Hobbit Hunter uses the title "Shire Brewmaster"-doesn't get much better than that!

Still need to farm more herbs. Need loads more mageroyal(as seen from early recipes on Wowhead, and need to work on middle of the pack and high end herbs.
Have gotten 2 points of the 7 needed for Kick to get 375 enchanting.
Helped hubby farm up some BoP BS recipes, but really need more Khorium and some other things for him to get those last 10 points.

The only other thing I've been doing is leveling up my NElf Druid. He is a level 42 Moonkin now and I am LOVING Moonkin! Not enough to switch Kick to it, but that is what Geocacher is for. Wouldn't mind getting him to 60 in the coming weeks, but not really rushing-more of other stuff to do.

One thought about JERKS...

Just wanted a little side post to talk about the JERKS I came across in quick succession yesterday in Eversong Forest.

I went to see if the Blood Elf low level quests give full rep now and YAY they do now, since the last patch! So off to Eversong with Wormy. Doing one of the first quests, the Dead Scar kill 8 skellies. I went away from a low level doing the quest, further out and tried to get it done quickly and get out. I even at one point SAVED this little punk from a group that was chasing her when she was almost dead. And what do I get? A whisper telling me to "STOP KILLING ALL THE QUEST MOBS!!" I explained I wasn't killing them ALL and that I got the ones I needed for the quest and had moved on. This jerk then proceeds to tell me I have NO reason to be doing this quest, I couldn't POSSIBLY get any rep from a low level quest and there was no point in getting the rep anyway. I tried to politely explain that I DID indeed get full rep and that I wanted to get to exalted with Silvermoon and that there are PLENTY OF MOBS!

Don't try to tell me where I can play the game! I wasn't stealing any mobs and I have every right to be there. These are times I wish I was playing in the game ALONE. >.<

THEN...not five minutes later this happens...

Picking up the armaments from the quest near the docks. I then head upstairs to get the named mob for that quest. I get near the top and two level 9s have just finished killing him. No problem, I sit down to wait. One of them comes over and just starts /slapping me! So I ask "did I do something to you?" and I get the response "no im just joking around". WhaWhaWhat?? Joking? So I reply with "oh sorry I don't joke around by being RUDE". I await the named repop and kill him and then head down to turn in the quest. This level 9 Troll rogue is now there also and begins the /slapping again! Do children NOT have any manners anymore??? Yes, I put them on /ignore. I am just SHOCKED(or maybe not really) how absolutely RUDE people can be to someone that don't even know at all.

Another reason why I HATE this game!