Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patch Day 2.4

Am I ready? No, not really. I managed to get all but my Shaman to honored with Lower City. But she doesn't have much to go. And I don't have my toons in the right places to begin what they want to do as soon as I log in. Oh well, logging in will take traveling time to start. And who to log in with first? My Druid, to do the first fishing daily? Probably. And to get her some of the gear, and maybe head to the Sunwell place to check out the dailies there. I'd rather have my Paladin get exalted with them first, but I'd really like to be able to get all 5 of my toons to exalted with them. I'm going to be very busy.

ARGGGGGHHHH! I hate this game!! I can't get away from it though!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lower City rep

So this Tuesday is probably the new patch, 2.4. And there will be some easy new gear to buy and new dailies to do. some of the new gear comes from Honored with Thrallmar and Cenarion. Those were easy enough. One comes from Lower City-I only have 2 of my 5 at honored right now. The other 2 are Shat'ar and Keepers of Time and I have no honored with them, as the only way to get honored is to run instances, screw that.

So I need to get my other 3 to honored with Lower City. Eremit, Tohopka and Wormtongue. Today we will do the Fumping quests(which we skipped because after the first time it SUCKED!); the Vengeful Harbinger quest-because it used to be broken, we might as well go back and do it now that it works; and the Mini-Wing escort for those who have not done it. Then it will be time to farm Arrakoa feathers until we get my 3, hubby's 4 and kiddo's one to Honored. Fun.

At least there is a way to GET Honored with them that does NOT involve instances. No chance on Shat'ar and Keepers of Time. That means the other 2 pieces of the set will not be gotten by me. Sure, some may say that it IS a starter-PvP set and what do I need that for if I don't PvP? Well actually some of these pieces are just flat out better stats than the crap quest or AH gear that I am currently wearing. And while I **really** don't give a crap about having better gear, marginally better gear always helps when it comes to just farming motes or finishing regular quests or doing a few dailies. Can't complain when it is basically handed to you as well.

And of course all this will be moot again when Wrath of the Lich King hits. Heh. And on and on we go.

I hate this game.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Blah blah blah

Haven't played much. No time and no want. Playing Lord of the Rings.

I did however log in long enough on Thursday to get my Blood Elf Hunter to level 65(well, LotRO was on maintenance!). I just don't know if I will ever get him to 70, but it would be really nice if I could.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Zul'Furrak and WACK servers

So we attempted ZF last night. First time through was my 44 Lock, hubby's 70 Sham and kiddo's 70 mage. First problem, took 5 minutes to get loaded in-should have taken a hint right there. Several instances of 'loot-lag'. And then when we FINALLY made it through the stair event, I got stuck in 'loot-lag' on the last boss and never got a chance to get the d-rod from the last guy for that quest. ON TOP OF THAT the Priestess didn't drop the Voodoo Mask, the Zilla didn't drop the dagger AND the Voodoo dude didn't even drop a BLUE!! OMG I've never seen such horrible drops before!! And to top it off not being able to finish that quest really ticked me off. And we will have to do it all again for hubby's Lock, unless we decide to skip the whole stair thing so neither of us get the quest done(no biggie, reward sucks for us).

GAH! I hate this game!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ding 44

So our Warlocks got to 44 last night. Went to Stranglethorn and ripped through the Nessingwary quests that we had skipped earlier. All the way up to Bangalesh. Dinged 44 and needed to quit for the night. Went to train. Will get back to the King tonight(or next log in). Also planning to head to Zul'Furrak next chance we get to get our Carrot on a Sticks. Can't *not* get that little trinket! =)

Still playing more LotROnline though. Having fun with that, which is more than I can say for WoW right now.

Want to mention also, for those leaving random links in the comments....they lead to tinyurl.com or whatever, and I will not click on those no matter how many you leave here and hopefully no one else will either. Either keyloggers or gold sellers, I obviously do NOT approve of either one. So bugger off and only comment if you actually, ya know, HAVE a comment!! Thanks!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Summary

Warlocks: ran Uldaman, got to level 43. I got the chest piece from Grimlok and the cape from the Fire dwarf guy(I hate Ulda, I don't want to remember the names). The cape is 1 stamina more than the Silky Spider Cape from RFD, but it is FUGLY. I hate those short split capes. Gah.

Did some mining this morning. Not quite enough, I did have to buy some Adamantite Powder and Primal earth from the AH, but I *finally* got those last 5 points for my Paladin in Jewelcrafting! Yeah for 375! I still don't have a lot of blue gem patterns, but then I don't spend all my time on him and he isn't rich and dang those patterns cost a chunk on the AH. Whatever, noone wants my gems anyway, even the people I offer them to. Oh well.

Now to get the last 5 points for my engineer, which will not be easy because the orange items are pointless or too expensive and everything else is green or gray. And still too many mats. At least with the next patch, with Primal Nethers being made BoE, I can finally make one of those epic helms for her. That will be nice. That's ONE point! Heh!

Spent more time watching the "Lord of the Rings" movies this weekend. Fact: I'd never seen them all the way through before. Shocker, I know. And of course, LOTRO is on maintenance today. Figures....but then WoW will be tomorrow, so works out ok. And maybe patch tomorrow?? Too soon probably still, but who knows. I will be ready! Or not...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Doan again...

So we didn't have a lot of time to run to Doan again last night. Took my Lock first. Let me just say that in 2 attempts, STILL no Hypnotic Blade. Oh well, I am resigned to find something decent on the AH or wait for a quest reward or something else later. HOWEVER....on the first attempt, Ol' Doan did drop me this....Deadman's Hand!! Epic ring, +10 to stamina(good Lock stat), and chance for a frost nova when hit in combat-which I get frequently for some reason, mobs don't like my wanding much.

So while I don't really care about epic gear, it is NOICE grabbing this baby!! Heh. =)

Of course, then switching to hubby's Lock, and he gets Hypnotic Blade on first attempt. Then I ran him into Cathedral to catch up on XP and maybe get Whitemane's Chapeau(I have that on my Lock), but no luck there.

Such is life. We will probably move on to Uldaman next. Then ZF. Then somewhere else. It's amazing, I do hate instances, but only with groups I don't know. Running these Locks through instances have been the majority of their XP so far. They have really not done too many quests. No problem by me. Some get old, some I don't relish ever doing again! Some are fun and I don't mind so much. Nice to be picky and choosy.

But I think I still hate Doan, just a little less! Thanks for the purps Doan!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Last night (I hate Doan!)

We didn't do a whole lot. Ran around grabbing some flight paths for level 40ish zones with our Locks. Hinterlands, Searing Gorge, Feralas. Did the Ogre quests in Feralas, got some decent boots. Did the Warlock level 40 quest for the offhand/staff. Didn't really like the staff so much, offhand is excellent. Now only need a sword/dagger. The only decent one I know of is the Hypnotic Blade, drops from Doan in Scarlet Monastery.

So we decide to run it quick to get us each the Blade. He had one, but sold it awhile back when he couldn't get a good offhand. Sigh... So we(he on 70 Shaman, my Lock) head over. Able to skip a lot of the mobs and the runs take about 12-15 minutes. Thing is, after 3 tries I got Mantle of Doan and the Illusionary Rod all three times!! GAH!! We decided to try our luck with my 70 Druid and his lock. One time and it was the exact same drops. Must not have been our day. >.< And done for the night. Will try again today maybe.

Also, about those awesome tabards I linked below...it is starting to look like you HAVE to kill that level 70 mob in some instance(holiday only spawn) in order to get it. THAT SUCKS!!!!! I do NOT want to have to run this stupid instance to get an awesome tabard!! No, No, No!! Dang. I hope I can manage to bring myself to do it once(and hope I don't get laughed at for my gear-NOT THAT I CARE!) JUST to get that tabard. If not, oh well, I don't really care that much. They have added 2 new pets as well, and one drops from this guy and one drops in the new Sunwell instance. Screw you Blizzard! The people who collect mini pets tend to be the people who don't collect purple gear!! GAH!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So it's maintenance day. Last night hubby got home late. We only had time to log in and gather mats to get him to 200 in Jewelcrafting. And then we both made our Jade Owl trinket. That will help with the mana issue a bit. As it is with Life Tap, we rarely have to stop when fighting lots of mobs, we can just go and go and go, it's quite nice. Life tap, drain life, wand, VW does all the work with a few dots. Lock is pretty easy.

With realms being down I will find other things to do. I think I've done enough research on the upcoming patch for now(though yesterday I found some info that there are some new tabards coming for Summer >World of Raids.com< and I am hoping they are somewhat easy to get because I love tabards! This is the Horde version: Tabard of Summer Flames
But that looks like it won't be out until the Summer fest which is late June-July I think. Lots of time to find out.

So today I will play Lord of the Rings Online. I have a level 15 Hobbit Hunter. It's fun. It's not WoW, but it's a nice distraction. And QUIET! No PvP, no Barrens chat, no jerks with names like "Ipwndu". Nice. Very nice! So I am off to Middle Earth...=)

Monday, March 03, 2008


The warlocks we started a couple of months ago have finally hit 40. Actually they even dinged 41 before we logged out last night. And we actually died for the first time last night in Stranglethorn Vale. Attempting a level 46 quest. We almost had it done, but repops and adds and a Blood Elf hunter who was also too low for the area got us killed. No biggie(aside from the HORRID run in STV when you die somewhere in the middle!). I like the Felsteed, very cool to finally be riding one! Now the only mounts I've never ridden in game(normal level 40 mounts) are the Gnome thing and the Blood Elf chicken. I've also never gotten an Alliance Paladin mount, but it isn't much different than the Blood Elf one-and I think the BE one is much, much cooler!

Also did more mining this morning. I have finally gotten my Lock to 200 in Jewelcrafting. Now I only hope there is enough mats left over for hubby's Lock to get there as well. Or else I might be buying stuff off of the AH for him. I'm just sick and tired of mining.

Fishing- Rayak is up to 291 in fishing. I was fishing this morning while reading some Stephen King. Then some random numnut asks me to run him through SFK. Exit>log out. On to something else. ASK SOMEONE YOU KNOW OR DON'T ASK AT ALL! Gosh!

Sunwell Plateau-I think that is the name for the new place coming in the next patch. It's hard to tell, but I am hoping that it is possible to get to exalted completely solo. I hope so because I want to get my Paladin and Rogue and maybe even my Druid to exalted. That means lots of dailies, every day. And as far as I can tell, all of the quests(aside from Dungeon ones) can be done solo. That will be nice. Between those and the Fishing daily for my druid and rogue, it looks like I will be quite busy after the patch. Good thing is I can do most of the quests when most people aren't on. Bad thing is, GEEEZ another thing to suck me in!!! And it will most certainly suck for my druid and pally because I know as soon as they step foot out there, they will be asked repeatedly to do the new instance. Need to make sure to keep my /dnd up at all times.

Also coming in 2.4, new gear(meant for PvP) from honored reputation from 5 different factions. Two of these I don't have anyone honored in(Shatar and Keepers of Time), but at least I can get some gear from the other 3(Cenarion, Thrallmar and Lower City). I know it is meant for PvP, but for the most part it is better than a lot of the gear I am already wearing for PvE. Yeah, missing +hit and things like that, but I will deal with it when it is clearly superior to what I am wearing. NOT that I care about gear(remember that one!), but hey, basically easy dungeon-equivalent gear without having to go to a dungeon is nice. Just helps me kill those mobs while soloing that much easier. Even though I know in a few months it will probably all be replaced by new stuff in Northrend. Oh well, no biggie to me, I'm sure it makes all those epicced out freaks cry....GOOD!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Forgot to mention that I am working on fishing with Rayak, my 70 BE Rogue. He is at 275 right now and I really need to get over 300 before the next patch. My druid is already 375 and it seemed like it took FOREVER! But hopefully getting some of the new items in the fishing daily quest coming in the next patch will be well worth it!! Must have +94 stamina fishing hat! MUST HAVE! Must have baby croc pets too! AHHH! Who cares about purple gear, I want mini pets!!!!!

Work work work

So we took a vacation a week ago and last week hubby has to work extra each day. And now Saturday morning and he is at work again-and he NEVER works Saturdays. Sucks. Means that I am not motivated to play much. I fiddled around with several characters yesterday, I don't even remember which ones. I just log in, run around, check quests, check bags, fly somewhere, sit there for a minute and then log out and log in with someone else.

Am I getting bored with this? Of course! Can I stop? Nope. Cannot stop. Will go grocery shopping this morning and then will log in and do something. Maybe play my hunter. Tempted to even start a new character on a PvP server-a Horde character. And I HATE PVP! Bored, bored, bored. Ugh.