Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fine tuning before WotLK...more

Want to check out my Scryer/Aldor rep on each character-posting them here so I don't have to keep checking the Armory or each character...

Kickingbird-Scryer 9655/12k
Rayak-Scryer Exalted
Tohopka-Scryer 4255/12k
Wormtongue-Scryer 4860/6k
Eremit-Scryer 390/21k
Wyl-Aldor 7660/12k
Dane-Aldor 1747/12k

Conclusion: need to get the last 1k or so just to get Worm to honored; would like last 2.4k to get revered on Kick; not too concerned about the rest with Wrath coming.

  • Need to farm more herbs with Rayak to prepare for him switching from skinning to inscription. Buy several bags and bank slots on one of the kid's extra characters for bank space to hold them.
  • Need more Greater Planers and Eternium Ore to get Kick the last 7 points in Enchanting and then get a Runed Eternium Rod made.
  • Mine loads of Adamantite to get hubby's Pally her last 10 points in Blacksmithing.
  • Mine loads more raw ore for power-leveling mining with Death Knights.
  • Help hubby get Shammy last 20 points in Leatherworking and his hunters last 3 points in LW
  • Get more mini-pets switched over via neutral AH
  • Get Daneck to exalted with Shattered Sun(currently 4964/12k) and at least revered with Kurenai(10297/12k) and farm the last 3 tokens I need for an 18slot Halaa bag.
  • Level up Dwarf Hunters(62) and Undead Warlocks(63) more.
  • Maybe level up NE Druid(now 40) a bit more.

Will add more when I think of it later...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another 70!

Yes, I've finished leveling another of my characters to 70. This time it is Daneck, my human mage. Started him on dailies and he is already close to honored with Shattered Sun. Nothing good in either the cooking or fishing daily though.

Got REALLY lucky and found the Hyacinth Macaw on the AH Saturday for only 1g. I was stunned. It is quite possibly the rarest and hardest to get minipet and someone put it up for 1g! Oh well, their loss!

Started a Draenei priest on Draenor realm. She is level 10 now. Named Deschanel for the actress Emily Deschanel from the awesome show "Bones". I sort of have a thing for her partner, Booth, but since this character is a female, I wanted a female 'doctor' name and since this show is on my current 'hot list', well there ya go.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mini pets

Ok, so I've gotten a little obsessed with collecting the mini pets lately. I look them up at Warcraft Pets, and keep track of what I have on my profile there.

With the Spirit of Competition pet available now(see post below), and the news about a new pet with the "Achievements" that are coming in WotLK, I am much more aware of which of my characters has which pets. Before I basically bought whichever ones suited the character. And skipped many because of bag space. With Wrath comes all pets becoming spells and no longer taking up bag space so now I want ALL the pets I can get on most ALL characters!

With Spirit of Competition, so far I've gotten him with Kickingbird, Wormtongue, Tohopka, Daneck and Gediman. Rayak has not been very lucky.

Today I stealthed through LBRS with Kick to get the Smolderweb Hatchling, and will go back with Rayak to get it as well.

I stealth ran Underbog who knows how many times(it was about 5 hours worth) to get enough Sanguine Hibiscus to turn in to get Kick to exalted with Sporeggar for the Tiny Sporebat. Also went back with Kick to do the chicken escort quests for the Mechanical Chicken!

Gotta have them all!

Well, except for the ones you have to pay real money for. I will not spend money on e-bay to buy the rare pets from there. Frankly because I cannot afford it and because I would have to have 2 of them, one for me and one for my kid! As it is, it is tough to go out and get rare pets and also trying to get one extra for my kid. Tough with the really rare ones.

Oh well, back to farming...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spirit of Competition

Blizz sure knows how to make someone crazy. Aside from my almost daily attempts at farming some rare dropped pets, now comes a pet that you get from doing something I really, really hate-pvp.

Spirit of Competition is a very cute little Chinese dragon that was released to honor the Olympic games going on now in China. You participate in a battleground(and stay to the end, and don't be dead at the end of the game) and you get a Competitor's Tabard. That is cool and easy enough-even though I loathe pvp, hanging out in just one game can't be too bad, right? Well, Daneck was dead at the end of his first 2 AV's and didn't get his tabard until the third game! Ugh.

Now to the pet...you have to WIN the battleground and THEN you have about a 1 in 8 chance of getting mailed the mini pet. So my first toon taking through this(Wormtongue) actually went about 5 wins and 11(or probably more) losses before getting his. Luckily Kickingbird got hers after her first win, Tohopka after her second and my Daneck after his 2nd. Rayak has not been so lucky. He simply isn't geared well enough to be a 'rogue in a battleground'. He did four AVs, won only one but did not get the pet. I do not know if he can handle going through that enough to get the pet. He may just be out of luck.

Wyl will not participate-he is fully against fighting other players. Eremit might, but I still have not decided yet.

Frankly, after kicking some boxes and putting a huge bruise across the top of my foot after just a few games, I just don't know if my nerves can handle anymore stress. I will just go back to fishing for Mr Pinchy-that's more my speed.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Wyl is my level 70 male Blood Elf Hunter. He was my last to level 70(currently). He was started April 19 of 2007, a few months after BC came out. He is named for the soul name of Elfquest character, Strongbow. Fitting name I think. He has reddish hair like Strongbow as well.

Wyl is a hunter, and half the hunter is his pet. Wyl's best friend is Briarsting, a little yellow boar he ran all the way to Westfall to tame back at around level 15. It was a long trip but it was well worth it and Briarsting is rarely far from Wyl's side.

Wyl was my third Blood Elf, and also third to be able to buy another faction mount at level 40-he had a skeletal horse and a wolf. He now spends most of his time choosing between his Swift Brown Wolf and Swift Blue Raptor. The blue raptor looks best alongside his favorite little mini companion, the Azure Whelpling.

Wyl likes to spend time farming and hunting. He is leveled 375 in both mining and skinning. His first aid is up to par, but his cooking and fishing skills lack a bit(74 and 31). He has never killed another player and hopefully never will. And the only faction he is exalted with(aside from the Horde ones) is Shattered Sun Offensive.

He is looking forward to all of the hunter changes coming in the new expansion and just might have to tame a Devilsaur just to say he did!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Tohopka is a level 70 female Tauren Shaman Engineer(proud of that last one too!). She was started March 4, 2006 alongside my hubby's male Tauren Shaman, Otaktay. 'Tohopka' is Native American for 'wild beast'(and 'Otaktay' is NA for 'kills many'!).

Tohopka and Otaktay did a bit of WSG back in their teens and were a tough pair. She earned the title of Sergeant, but hasn't really done any pvp since then. She is specced some to heal, but has learned enough of the elemental arts to do quite a bit of damage with it. But one of her favorite things to do is gather up a large group of enemies and throw down her trusty Earth Elemental and stand back and heal him while he waylays the baddies!

Now to her Engineering-it is by far a huge accomplishment for her! Having 375 in that(along with 375 mining of course) means she gets to those nodes and gas clouds in her nifty Turbo-Charged Flying Machine! To heck with global warming! She also loves being able to zap those motes and sometimes spends hours a day doing so. And she is never without her appropriate companion, her Pet Bombling! He is a little noisy, but thats ok.

She is full up on first aid, but her cooking(109) and fishing(173) could use some help. She has friends to do that though. She is exalted with Orgrimmar, putting away her kodo in favor of a Swift Brown Wolf for her transportation needs(when she isn't in her Flying Machine!). The only other faction she is exalted with is Shattered Sun and now proudly sports their tabard and the beautiful shield they sell. And she is never seen without her Gadgestorm Goggles on!

Friday, August 08, 2008


Rayak my Rogue. Level 70. Started a few weeks into TBC, on Feb 3, 2007.

Mostly started as a project-to see if I could get a Blood Elf to Exalted with another faction before level 40 so that he would not have to ride one of those chicken/ostrich things. And he did it. Hit Exalted with Undercity at level 36 and Exalted with Orgrimmar at level 38. He then went on to get Exalted with Darkspear Trolls and Thunder Bluff before level 45. He rolls on all mounts except his own factions. These days the mounts he carries also includes a Swift Brewfest Ram and a Silver Talbuk, along with his Epic Red Windrider.

Aside from being exalted with all home factions and Mag'har, he is also exalted with Sporeggar(nabbing himself the cute little Tiny Sporebat), the Scryers, and was my first to be exalted with Shattered Sun(he also bought the title 'of the Shattered Sun', why not?). He wants to be exalted with Skyguard(nearly revered now), but with only the one bombing quest open, it is taking awhile).

He enjoys cooking and fishing(375 and 350) and has been rather lucky in the daily quests. He has gotten all of the cooking recipes and from fishing he has gotten the Fishing Hat, Eye of the Sea gem, Truesilver Line, and baby crocs Chuck and Snarly. He has been trying for Mr Pinchy lately, but he gets bored easily. He likes the little pets who accompany him-though he has yet to teach them to stealth along with him, and sometimes they give him away. Most recently he found a Tiny Crimson Whelpling to add to his menagerie.

He doesn't do instances either(unless it is stealth runs for Ancient Lichen or Sanguine Hibiscus), and his only epics are the Shattered Sun necklace and a Cobrascale Hood he found on the Auction House! He bought the exalted Scryers dagger, but he prefers swords so he doesn't use it often. But he probably has the most fun of all the characters, hanging out in Shattrath his Haliscan hat, jacket and pants, with his Worg Pup and fishing pole.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Eremit was my first Blood Elf-started the very night Burning Crusade came out(Jan 16, 2007)-bought at midnight and begun! A male Blood Elf Paladin, dark hair, very mysterious and quiet.

Eremit roughly means "hermit for religious purposes", and that is essentially what he is, he stays to himself completely, having taken a vow of silence. And he is deeply proud of being a Blood Knight. The Blood Knight Charger is the one mount on all my characters that I think I am most proud. And the Blood Knight tabard. Though he does hop on his Skeletal Warhorse every now and then when mana is low(he would NEVER ride one of those chickens!). And he has the plainest of the Windrider's, the Tawny one.

Eremit is a Jewelcrafter, getting started early. He is at 375 with 375 mining. He doesn't have too many of the rare Gem recipes, but only because he is rather tight with his money and can't see spending more than 300 gold on something like that! Crazy.

His first aid is up to par(375) but he never bothered to learn cooking. And one day on a whim he decided to learn to fish and attempt to catch that Croc in Orgrimmar. Getting his fishing to 11 that day, he reeled in the Croc and took it to turn in and the quest giver gave him a bag that had a baby croc named Toothy in it! 'Beginner's Luck' he says, and he hasn't fished a bite since then! He is also frequently seen with his buddy, Egbert, who is the polar opposite of Eremit's calm and quiet demeanor!

Eremit spends most of his time in Shat'rath, cutting gems and prospecting stacks of ore sent to him by Kickingbird.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Wormtongue, level 70 Undead Male Mage. Yes, named for the character in 'Lord of the Rings', however at the time Wormy was started(December of 2005), I had never seen or read any of the LotR movies or books. However, I do have a massive crush on the actor who plays him, Brad Dourif! I also have other characters using his characters names from other movies.

Wormy was started to play alongside an Undead Priest my hubby started(named Dourif...get it?!). They duoed all the way to 60, rarely playing with other characters. Wormy is an alchemist/herbalist, 375 in both. He was the first of my 60s to buy his epic mount back when the MOUNT was close to 1000 gold! Selling herbs and potions, yeah buddy!

He is 375 in first aid, but doesn't bother to cook(cannibalize ftw! Oh and free food from the head chef, Kickingbird!) and only fishes on the rare occasion(186 in that-he did get the Fishing Hat from the daily quest!).

Wormy hasn't chosen an alchemy specialization yet(though since he doesn't do instances, it would have to be Transmute) and he is my last to getting to Exalted with Shattered Sun(only about 6500 more to go). His only mounts are his (very expensive)Green Skeletal Warhorse, Swift Brewfest Ram and Green Windrider-though he is trying to get to exalted with Orgrimmar because he desperately wants a wolf!

The last things about Wormy...he did a bit of pvping back in his 20s. Sadly it was only enough to earn "Grunt" status and now he is stuck with it. I wish he had been stuck at "Scout" but no, "Grunt Wormtongue" is what he is.

Oh...and he is a hat freak. Yep, I'd say close to half his bank is full of hats-he loves them! I really wish he had more room to be able to collect more of them!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I've decided each day to put an biography on each of my characters-at least the ones I play the most. First up is my first main, Kickingbird, level 70 Tauren female Druid.

Kick was started in November 2005. Named for the character in "Dances With Wolves"(yes, he is a male, but he is the 'medicine man' and 'Stands with a Fist' didn't fit in the namer) and first character started on my new account(yeah I played a few on hubby's account before I decided I wanted my own). Rushed through leveling up to about 15 by hubby's Tauren hunter and friend's Troll hunter. First instance I attempted to heal was Wailing Caverns and I got chewed out when one person died at the last boss so I said "screw being a healer" after that and have been full Feral. That also pretty much turned me off instances(among several other horrible outings, I don't think there have been any good instances with your regular-type groups that I have attempted-so I just don't do them now).

After dabbling in several different professions, she settled on Enchanting and Mining, currently at 366 and 375. Fishing, Cooking and First Aid are all 375.

PvPed enough way back when to get the Frostwolf Howler(she does not like Kodos!) and a Senior Sergeant title-but hated every minute of it. Eventually went back to do quests to get exalted with Orgrimmar when reputation gains were changed. She now chooses between her Frostwolf, a Swift Gray Wolf, Swift Brewfest Ram and a Cobalt Talbuk(being Exalted with Mag'har). She has also managed to get to Exalted with Netherwing and Skyguard and chooses to fly either her Onyx Netherdrake or Purple Nether Ray. She is on the last step of the epic flight form, but I seriously doubt she will ever see the inside of a heroic instance so it will never happen.

In her spare time she likes to fish for Mr Pinchy(and cook up any food to sell on the AH), complete the daily fishing quest(only managed the truesilver line so far), and go mining. Oh, and attempting to get to exalted with Timbermaw-about 4k from Revered right now-but she gets bored easily with that.

Most recent accomplishment: Exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive. Soloing Culuthas for "Full Triangle" quest in Netherstorm(probably not that hard for most, but I have really crappy gear!) and the follow-up turn in to get to honored with Shat'ar.

UPDATE 10/3/2008
In the past month...Exalted with Timbermaw for "the Diplomat" title; gained 375 enchanting; still no good rewards from cooking or fishing dailies.

Death Knight names

So we have our Kael'Thas Death Knight names saved now. Mine is...

Krevsun...literally "Blood Sun" in Czech. Also the surname of a Russian hockey player who was drafted by the Nashville Predators. He only ever played here in training camp, but he was a nice kid. Unfortunately he passed away during practice one day a few years ago. Very sad. Oh, and my KT DK will be a male Blood Elf.

Granato...my kid's female BE DK...taken from the best female hockey player ever, Cammi Granato, sister of former LA King, Tony Granato. Cool.

Lebentag...hubby's female BE DK...it means "life day" in German. Get it? Death=life, (k)night=day? Heh heh.

I really, really cannot wait to get them started!

What I did yesterday

So I got a wild hair yesterday and decided I need to get some things cleaned up with some characters.

With Kick, I still needed about 500 Shatar rep, and had the final triangle quest up in Netherstorm to do. Only it's a 70 elite rated g2 quest. So I loaded up on potions and whatnot and went at it and soloed it. No problem really. Had to frenzy at one point and finished at about 60% health. But got it done, turned in and got the 1000 rep. The blue reward pants are decent, but not better than the Consortium revered pants I am wearing. I did go buy the blue Dragonhide shoulders from the Shatar quartermaster and will gem them to be tanking shoulders. Doesn't really matter much, I don't tank much. Lol. Also went to SMV to knock out a few quests. Did one Scryers quest, did not feel like doing anymore. Attempted some stupid "tuber" quest to call a pig or something but couldn't figure it out so abandoned it. Have pretty much cleared out her quest log.

Same for Rayak. Went to SMV, finished the Akama quest line up to the point where you go to some instance. Also finished the Enraged Spirits quest up to the same stupid tuber quest-and didn't even bother to accept that one. His quest log has 2 quests right now, and one is the Shattered Sun gathering quest. Nice.

We also went on a search to see if my Shaman/hubby's hunter had any more quests that bring Shatar rep-each being at that 1 point away from honored. Had already done the ones in Netherstorm, already killed Levicus(whatever I guess), but FINALLY found that we had not killed Terebus, the skeletal dragon in the Bone Wastes. Did that easily and got honored with Shatar. The shoulders look great on his hunter. I am not trading out the things I am already am wearing on my Shaman, but it's nice to get over that hump anyway.

Also, on another realm, I managed to solo stealth run to the Lady Naga in BFD to get the Naga Heart Piercer bow with Hekubus, who is level 36. Sure beat the heck out of the crossbow he had been using since about level 15! Took 7 runs to get it. Now going to attempt to get Thornspike from the boss in RFK-hopefully I can solo that one too.