Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sinister Squashling

Ok, so maybe I was a little bummed that this totally cute pet was only rarely available to those who could get a group and kill the Headless Horseman. And then Blizzard threw those like me a bone...and he became available from trick or treating! Hallelujah! Eremit, my Paladin, was the first to be lucky enough to nab one-and was so happy he bent over and started crying! (ok not really...!)

So far the characters of mine that have been lucky to see this guy in their goody bag...Kickingbird, Rayak, Eremit, Tohopka, Wyl, Daneck, Windextor, Geocacher and Wyndampryce. My 'evil' themed characters, Wormtongue, Gediman and Hekubus have not been so lucky and that really bums me out! Also, my hunter, Billiejo has not been lucky either though her travelling partners, Daisyjo and Jojimbob have both gotten him.

Another item, the Hallowed Helm, a no-level cloth helm that looks like a pumpkin head, also drops from the goody bags but those have been rarer for me. So far only Tohopka, Windextor, Geocacher, Kimthescout, Taphophilia, and Rayak of Moonguard have gotten it. And with Tohopka, Geocacher and Windextor being extremely lucky to get both, they managed to get the Sinister Calling achievement.

And there is only until Friday to keep trying!

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