Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

So if you have ever seen the television shows "Angel" or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" then you know the name. And after seeing his first episode on "Angel" I was inspired to create a "theme" character.

There are players who have leveled without killing a single mob, by only killing boars(South Park reference), and almost completely naked(the character, I don't even want to know about the real person!). And I wanted to attempt something different. I've had several ideas, but this is the first I have actually started.

His name is Wyndampryce, and he is a Rogue Demon Hunter.

Yes, I created a human rogue, and I intend to level him ONLY by killing demons. And I will update his progress here.

So far, he is level 10. I took him straight from level 1 in the Human starting zone all the way to the Night Elf starting zone to fight the Grells and Grellkin of Teldrassil. The Grells are levels 2 and 3. The Grellkin are levels 3 and 4. I stayed there until level 6 and moved on to Dolonar in Teldrassil where I fought the Sprites in the cave just north of the town. The different versions of Sprites are levels 5 to 7, with the named mob, Melenas, being level 8.

Once he reached level 10, I did the Night Elf version of the Rogue quest, which involved pickpocketing an item from a Demon.

I will be adding progress screencaps soon as well as links. As soon as he builds up a level and a half of rest he will move on to the level 12-13 Satyrs of Bloodmyst Isle as well as doing as much exploring as possible for the XP.

I have also decided to level him in inscription, only because it seems the most logical seeing as how Wesley was so into books! And picking herbs is probably the easiest gathering skill with the restriction I have placed on him in only killing Demons. Skinning obviously involves killing things for skinning and Mining tends to aggro any mob nearby. Herbalism and Inscription is perfect for him.

More to come...

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