Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update on Wyndampryce

So Wesley, er excuse me, Wyndampryce(sorry, I can't help but call him by the character on 'Angel's first name) reached level 10. This was back on October 16, but things have been crazy this past week what with the Halloween event and the sudden onslaught of zombies! So basically he has been idling his time in Darnassus, fairly safe, just trick or treating every hour or so. And yes, he was lucky enough to get a Sinister Squashling pet for a demon-fighting companion!

I am posting his achievements here to check his progress. Level 10, only one quest completed(rogue quest-and before he did a few candy buckets which count also). And on the second it notes that the only mob he has killed is demons! Ok, except for that one rat in the Deep Run Tram. Oops! As you can see, I've been using exploration for XP, and a few of the candy buckets from the Hallow's Eve event. I've almost considered adding Undead to the list of mobs he will seek out and destroy but I really do want to try to keep it to only demons! It is tough with the zombie invasion happening(and his subsequent death to them in Auberdine while trying to go for candy), but no, only demons!
Not sure when he will get more leveled up, for now he will become a bank alt except on the days that my main realm is down and Draenor is up!

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