Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Undead of the Necropolises...here comes the Lich King!

I really should take more screenshots of this!

Anyway...the Scourge Invasion is back! The last time this happened was June 2006 when Naxxramas was introduced. At that time I only had one character at max level(60), Kickingbird. My next highest was Wormtongue, he was about level 55 and not able to participate as easily.

Now I have 7 characters at the max level and they are taking their turns at fighting back the scourge each time they spawn. They have all equipped their Argent Dawn Commissions and are doing what they can to help win the battles!

The rewards for doing this? Gear of course! Yeah, not that gear really excites me...but since some of my characters have been wearing the same gear since they hit level 70(and most of it isn't that great) and since this is EPIC gear I can get SOLO...how can I NOT love this??! There is a four piece "Undead Cleansing/Slaying" set-chest, shoulders, legs and gloves. The legs drop from several rare Scourge that show up at each necroplis crystal(most of my characters have gotten these). The chest drops from the elite Shadow of Doom that spawns when the crystal is near death(they only spawn when someone spends the runes to summon them, but the summoners can't always bring them down leaving them open to anyone around who can tag them fast enough)-and so far only my Paladin has his chest piece. The gloves and shoulders are bought with the runes that drop from the mass of Scourge mobs around each crystal. Most of my characters have gotten these already too.

Another thing to buy with the runes, the Tabard of the Argent Dawn! Of course, I had this 2 years ago with my druid and was the one tabard I wore most of the time. Now, I could cry and moan, saying "whaaaa I felt special because I had one and NoOne else did and now EVERYONE will have one...waaaaaaaa". Sort of how those who already had the Sinister Squashling cried because it was changed to be available through trick or treat bags. But no, I'm not like that. Frankly because I don't really care what others have. I don't really care if everyone gets all the special minipets or tabard or whatever-it does not affect MY play in the slightest. And having something rare...does NOT make my feel 'uber' or 'special' or 'better than everyone else'.

And that brings me to the last thing that I do want to whine about...a new minipet that I would give nearly ALL of my minipets for but I simply won't be able to get it. It is a Vampire Batling(and I'm not even going to link it, because it is just that painful to me), and it only drops from a raid boss in Karazhan. Great. Thanks. Being vampire-obsessed makes this one really hurt to know that I simply don't know HOW ON EARTH I will be able to get into a group to get one of these awesome little guys. And it will be gone forever after next week and I will probably cry everytime I see someone with this little guy out. Sometimes I REALLY HATE YOU BLIZZARD! Damn you, Damn you all to HELL!!!!!

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