Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wyl, the Beast Master

Another thing I've done after the last patch is put all of Wyl's points back into the Beastmaster talent tree and tame one of the exotic pets. I had logged him out on Azuremyst Isle before the patch and was ready to go after the servers stabilized. My kid also had her hunter there, a level 35 who wanted a moth.

After helping her get into the starter zone for the moth, I made my way to the cave to get my hands on the Kurken. I had to wait for two others who had come in to kill him for their quests and once they were gone I began taming. Being level 12, he was an easy tame of course. And then I was out of there. Once I was back in Shat, I gave my new big white puppy his new name-one that I had searched and thought hard over...Orthrus. Orthrus was a two headed dog of Greek Mythology and I knew this name was the one I had to choose. I've seen quite a few of the big white dogs running around, but not another one named Orthrus. And that's fine by me!

I haven't had the chance to level him up yet, but plan to grind on Ogres in Nagrand in order to do so. For the time being, when I need a level 70 pet around(such as fighting the Scourge invasion), I go back to my faithful piggy, Briarsting. But I see lots of Orthrus in Wyl's future!

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