Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Achievements-what I've done solo

Yeah, I should probably be talking about the Hallow's End achievements, since that is the holiday going on now. But I am not getting into any groups for the Headless Horseman(#1 crappy gear, #2 don't know anyone, and #3 fear of asking for groups...) so I won't be able to finish many of the achievements related to that.

Not to mention that nearly ALL of the Holiday achievements require some sort of PvP. Admittedly the cooking and fishing also sort of require PvP, but those will be much easier to do. I will explain later.

What I want to talk about now is the achievements I have already completed solo(many of these on both my druid and rogue). Many more are partially finished as the rest of the requirements include things from Wrath of the Lich King.

Shop Smart, Shot Pet-gather 50 minipets, get Reeking Pet Carrer(pet skunk)
Going Down-falling 65 or more yards without dieing(safe fall on both made it easy)
Filling up the barn-25 or more mounts(my rogue is only a few from the next level that awards the Albino Drake)
and the easy ones such as reaching level 70, getting the different levels of riding and owning a tabard
Tastes like Chicken-eat 50 different kinds of food, rather easy, just buy each type of food and each level and sit and eat(I also had all of the Darkmoon Faire food saved too)

Number of quests-both are somewhere close to 2000 done
5 Daily quests-that went pretty quick
still working on the Loremasters of each continent and zone of Outland

Exploring each zone-these are completely done on both characters, except of course for Northrend

Player vs Player:
While I have a few left over from when my druid got to exalted with Frostwolf for the wolf, these are pretty much being ignored by me

Dungeons and Raids:
As above, these are largely being ignored except for what I can go back and do solo or just duo/trio with my hubby and kiddo(which isn't much)

Chef de Partie-learn 75 cooking recipes(my druid is 1 away from the 100 level, rogue is about 10 away)
The Cake is not a lie-with my rogue, the Rokk won't give my druid the recipe-or the Storm Chops one either
Captain Rumsey's Lager-fishing and drinking? why yes please!
still working on doing each of the dailies and getting all Outland recipes cooked up

Old Crafty-with my rogue, not so lucky on druid, not certain I will be able to get the Ironforge equivelant, we shall see
Old Gnome and the Sea-little too easy, just fish from a pool
Outland Angler-with druid, just waiting on realms to come up to finish rogue's
still in progress in Barlo's quest list, fishing from wreckage pools and still not sure I will attempt to fish in Stormwind or not

Master in first aid, easy, the rest is for Northrend

Ambassador of the Horde-I actually have this on my 3 70 Blood Elves, as well as the Alliance version on my 70 human mage and 41 Gnome rogue(still need Silvermoon rep for other 70s)
The Diplomat-exalted with Sporeggar, Mag'har and Timbermaw-on my druid. But they buffed Timbermaw rep(grrrr) so maybe someday my rogue will have this too
They love me in that tunnel-exalted with Timbermaw, obviously with my druid
The Burning Crusade ones...my druid has SSO, Sporeggar, Mag'har, Netherwing and Skyguard, rogue has Sporeggar, Mag'har, Scryer, SSO and close on Skyguard. Most of the rest require lots of dungeons runs(ie, not gonna happen for me)

Obviously Hallows End is going on now. So they both finished Check Your Head, Savior of Hallow's End, and all of the Trick of Treats of Azeroth. Most of the rest won't happen because they require PvP or fighting the Headless Horseman(noted above). Oh well.

Druid-both Brewfest steins, Clockwork Rocket Bot, Competitor's Tabard, Spirit of Competition, Sergeant rank, Tabard of the Argent Dawn and Tabard of the Protector
Rogue-both Brewfest steins, Clockwork Rocket Bot, Spirit of Competition and Competitor's Tabard and that's it.

So you can see that I have done quite a bit by myself. I know I probably don't have anywhere near as many points as most people-especially those who pvp and raid out the wazoo-but I don't care. I can still accomplish many things in this game without anyone else but myself. Nobody wants to play with me? Fine, I'll play by myself and be HAPPY DOING IT!!! >.<

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