Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not much today

I ran around a bit, gathered some more iron and tin, etc. Got a few skillups on my warrior in blacksmithing. Then jumped on my 64 hunter and did a few of the Nessingwary quests in Nagrand. Then I got bored and went and did some laundry. Yeah.

Just threw on a pic of my Paladin and my kid's hunter that we took awhile back.

Forgot to mention that we got our Warlocks to level 38 last night. Two levels to a pretty demon horse!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So we took up jewelcrafting because it was my bright idea to be able to use the BoP trinkets. The first available one is at JC level 200. We are at 115 right now. Seeing as how we also have tailoring, we don't have mining. And so every morning now I have to run around with my Pally gathering mats. Geez Louise it takes alot to level up! To get from 115 to 130, the easiest way, is to make Heavy stone statues-that takes 8 stones each, that is 120 heavy stone, times 2. After that to get from 130 to 150 takes 40 Shadowgem and 40 Bronze bars. The bronze bars is the easy part. Forty shadowgem, ugh. And 240 Heavy stone-well at least I can send the iron to my Warrior/blacksmith. I know nearly every inch of Thousand Needles. So I've moved on to Arathi. After hitting 150, we will need 120 mithril bars just to get to 180. I haven't even checked what's after that.

Another pain in the rump, and another reason to hate this game.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday maintenance

Gives me time to post here. Well, and get to the grocery store at some point. And maybe do the dishes.

Spent most of last night running around gathering Tin and Copper to make Bronze bars with my Paladin(Crusader aura FTW!). Sending the bronze to our Warlocks to level up Jewelcrafting. They both have JC and tailoring for all the BoP items later on. If we ever get them to 70. If. They both hit the rested pins on Sunday, will wait for some build up for more rest now.

Luckily I wasn't asked at all while I was on to head to any instance. So I didn't have to use up any of my random excuses. I hate instances. I personally think I suck at this game and don't want to bring anyone down and cause wipes just so everyone will hate me. Just nip that in the bud and not even put myself in that situation to begin with. If I don't tick anyone off, then they can't hate me. If I don't go to instances, I can't cause any wipes and force people to call me "noob" or "idiot" or whatever. I don't deal with being called names. And ya know this goes all the way back to Wailing Caverns. 'Attempting' to heal with my lowly little druid, way back when. No one died until the very end, but that one idiot who let me have it, saying how much I sucked because he died, well I just won't put up with that. At all. Ever.

It's a Catch-22. I don't do instances, so I don't get better gear so I can tell people "my gear sucks and isn't good enough for the instance you want me to go to". Perfect. But then I MUST be doing something wrong because it sure seems like everyone I know who plays has all "epixxx" and thinks I am stupid for not wanting any epics. I am not 'embarrassed' because I don't have epics. Epics don't make you a better person or better player. You might have better stats, but that doesn't make YOU better. It doesn't make you a better person. I am more interested in being a good person than being a great video game player.

And that's another reason why I hate this game.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Still playing

But I honestly hate this game now.

So yeah, it's been awhile because frankly I forgot all about this blog.

So a short bit to bring it up to date, and then I think I will turn this into a daily gripe about how much I hate this game but keep playing anyway.

"Burning Crusade" came out January of 2007. I started 3 Blood Elves. My Tauren Druid was first to 70. Hubby, kiddo and I got our BE Rogue(mine), BE Pally(hubby) and UD Mage(kiddo) to 70 next. Then my UD Mage and hubby's Tauren Shaman got to 70. Then my BE Paladin and hubby's UD Priest got to 70. And finally my Tauren Shaman and hubby's Tauren Hunter got to 70. And my BE Hunter is level 64. Oh and the Human mage I went on and on about finally got his cat mount around level 50, is now level 62 and I transferred him to Kael'Thas and his name is now Daneck.

Hubby and I have recently started UD Warlocks, up to level 37 now.

My Tauren Druid has her epic flyer, and a Netherdrake and Netheray flyers.

And I still despise PvP and instances. More about that later. See you tomorrow