Monday, June 30, 2008

Hunter weekend!

Played my Blood Elf Hunter, Wyl, some time this weekend. He is at 69.5 right now. Attempting to get to honored with Aldor, Shatar and Lower City for the last half level. Looking to get the four parts of the blue set from the factions. I don't plan to pvp with him, but it is good looking gear and probably better than anything he'd get from just questing. So what the heck. He will sit after getting them while waiting for Wrath of the Lich King anyway, so... .

Also played our Dwarf Hunter trio this weekend. They are now level 56, close to 57. Going to attempt to get to Morphaz in Sunken Temple ourselves to finish the hunter quest. And then just over one level to hit Outland! Can't wait.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exalted now!

When realms came back up around noon, I logged in with Hekubus. One note-Wowhead does NOT have reputation gains correct!

From Astranaar I went to Maestro's Post and turned in Tower of Alth. Got 250 rep, expected that. Accepted next part. Went up to Master's Glaive to do level 17ish escort that I forgot. Easy as pie. Then went to Tower of Alth, turn in next part(25 rep) and accept part to get head of guy in Tower. Stealthed up, killed him, died to all those stupid Warlocks on the way out. Turned in head, 250 rep! Back to Auberdine, fly to Astranaar. Turn in escort quest at Shrine of Assenia(?) for 250 rep! Then over to Maestro's Post to turn in last quest of Tower of Alth for *another* 250 rep and BOOM exalted!


Now he sits at the cat vendor/trainer waiting for the patch. Cheers!

Exalted with Darnassus

My Gnome Rogue, Hekubus of Draenor, hit level 30 last night. And he is at 20152/21k Revered with Darnassus. I am pretty much out of quests in Ashenvale. I have to turn in the Tower of Althalaxx(free the highbornes) for 250 rep. The next and last three only give about 150 rep, but I think I will do them unless I can find something else. I missed an escort in Darkshore(Therylune's Escape) that will be good for 150 rep. And I'm in the middle of the Scythe of Elune quest with 188 rep left. That still leaves about 250 points to get without hitting level 31. Could be tough. Although I think a few of the first easy quests in Wetlands might give me just enough without giving too much XP.

And once he hits Exalted(hopefully before level 31), he will then be parked in front of the Cat trainer/vendor and will sit there until the next patch hits. Then I can log in first with him and get his cat mount. Sweet.

Monday, June 23, 2008


This weekend we got our Dwarf Hunters to level 54. Started out Friday at level 50. Did Flame quests to get to 51. And then quests in Felwood and Un'Goro to get to 54. Killed three Devilsaurs without any trouble. Anxious to get them to Outland!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Midsummer Fire Fest....yawn

So yesterday started the two week holiday Midsummer Fire Festival. Wake me when it is over.

There are "flames" to honor in most zones. Cool. At level 51 with our Dwarves(dinged while seeking them), we were getting I think 3500xp and 40 silver. At 61(warlocks) we were getting about 4850xp and 1gold. You also get 5 Blossoms. Blossoms are used for currency for "Summer" items. Here is a list...

Summer Robe-nice, I bought this with a few characters, cool "on use" effect-your hands glow with fire while you dance

Summer shoes-waste of blossoms

Flaming shoulders-look rather dumb, but I got them with loads of my characters last year and the year before, don't really need them with anyone new

Flame mini-pet-Also got this last year with those that mattered. It's not that interesting a pet anyway

Dancing brazier thingee-dumb, just dumb. Well I guess if you want to stand around and watch a dancing fiery Draenei, go for it-I think it's dumb

Buff food-the only thing really worth spending the blossoms on, for me

So some people want lots of this crap. And you get MORE Blossoms from stealing the other faction flames. Which of course makes you flagged for PvP which I LOATHE. I don't need them blossoms, THANK GOODNESS!

There is also the matter of this new instance boss. Level 70. My level 70s are so poorly geared I don't think any of them would be asked to go into the instance. So I miss out on the cool epic gear he drops, the chance at the little mini flame elemental pet, and the cool tabard you get after killing him. That all sucks. Really. But I will live.

It's crap like that, that make me HATE this game! Oh, yeah, BRING ON BREWFEST! Kodos for my Alliance characters! WOOT!

Uhm, heh.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am on a mission!

My Gnome Rogue. I want to get him a cat mount from Darnassus. I've stated that before I think. BUT...they just started testing the next patch on the test realm and the big new thing...mounts at level 30! LEVEL THIRTY! Yikes! And now a rush to get to exalted with Darnassus before the patch! Well here is the scoop at the moment...

Ding level 28 today, 15155/21k revered at level! Not too shabby but I am running out of quests my level or lower that give rep. At log out at about 28.3 level I am 16080/21k. Only 4920 to go. I have gathered Redridge gray quests and hope I do not get much xp from them.

Had to log out, for some reason computer kept alt-tabbing for me as if something else was running and I couldn't figure out what. I wasn't kicked from game, just tabbed out. Weird. Now I have to figure this out. >.<

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day weekend

So hubby wanted to play lots of WoW this weekend. No problem! We got our hunters from just at 48 all the way to 50.5. Spent lots of time farming for thick leather on gray mobs, got his leatherworking to 265 or so. My engineering is at about 215. Got up early to get kiddo's herbalism up, now at 202. My mining is at 240.

Also, he ran my Gnome Rogue through Stockades. Mainly to continue Seal of Wrynn questline. Got lucky, first time through the rare mob was there, dropped fist weapon "Iron Knuckles". Would rather have had the dagger drop, but will not complain. Turning in quests levels him up to 24. Three bars into Revered with Darnassus. Oh yes, he will be exalted before level 40. Sweet.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend Summary

It was hunter weekend!! First we started with my boy, Wyl, in Nagrand. Hubby got one of his 70s to help finish most of the group quests there. He is up to 67 1/2 now.

Then we got kiddo to play our Dwarf Hunters. First of all, we went from level 45 to 48. We finished up some quests in Tanaris, Feralas and the Hinterlands. Managed to get the chicken escorts for TN and HI(had already done Feralas) and got ourselves the Mechanical Chicken mini pet! I think hubby does not want his. I will have him send it to my rogue. Sweet. :) Then we decided to have some fun. We went to Scarlet Monastery and ran through there several times, for the silk(kiddo needs help on tailoring and first aid), and the drops to help our money situations. We had loads of fun and no real problems getting through each of them. Then for a lark, we attempted Uldamen!! And imagine our surprise when we managed to finish it with NO deaths! (ok, I got real close once when hubby aggroed a scorpion pit and then his pet somehow pulled half a room of those dwarves!) Kiddo got the shoulders from the Ancient Stone Keeper, but most of the rest of the drops were crap. Well, I did get the Emberscale Cape, which is ok, maybe no *really* an upgrade(and fugly for a cape), but I put it on. AND we did get the quest at the end finished so we got the 14slot bag, HUGE help! All in all, lots of fun...I can't wait to get these guys to Outland!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Ding 60!

Yeppers, our Warlocks hit level 60 last night. Good lordy they gave Locks alot of things to learn at 60!! On top of spending for an epic mount(we will get around to getting the Dreadsteed eventually), I don't know how much we spent on training but it was a LOT. And then back to Outland. First up, the Assassin quest line. Excellent xp for little work and good reward at the end. Yeah it is an excellent robe for the level, but my boy Gediman has NEVER worn a robe!! Gah! I prefer tunics and he looks absolutely AWFUL in this dress!! Need to do more quests and get something better to wear, this is FUGLY!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

A little rogue, and a little warlock last night

First off, we ran our Druid/Shaman 70s around the Dire Maul courtyard until we had enough Runecloth to finally get our Locks to 300 in tailoring. Took about an hour, but it was fun. The only decent drops came when one of those rares showed up in the Arena and we jumped down to take him out. It was Skarr the Unbreakable, and he dropped Lady Alizabeth's Pendant(meh) and Sword of Zeal. I'm not even sure I'll be able to sell these on the AH, who knows. I suppose I could save it for my rogue on Kael'Thas, but she is only 45 and this is level 58 and she may never see level 58! The pendant will probably be disenchanted for a Large Brilliant Shard.

Then we played our Locks for awhile. We actually went back and fought Blazerunner for "It's Dangerous To Go Alone" in Un'Goro, piece of cake. Then a few more quests in Winterspring. We ended up about 2 bars from 60. Still not certain if and when we will do the Warlock Epic Mount quest. Don't have any of the mats for it yet, but it wouldn't take too long to put them together. Right now we just want to go buy a mount and go back later for the quest. And I'm still about 50g short of buying a mount. Though my 70s have got loads, so no worries there.

Then hubby took his 45 hunter over on Draenor and ran my little Rogue through Shadowfang Keep. Dinged 21 while in there and got the Rugged Spaulders and Fenrus' Hide cloak. Two pretty big upgrades to what I was wearing. Will need a run through Stockades soon too, just to continue the Seal of Wrynn quest line. Also have gotten to within a bar of Revered with level 21. Sweet!

Monday, June 02, 2008

The two hour level

We get home from a weekend out of town with just a few hours to play(and rest from the trip too of course). We had our Warlocks only about 3 bars from level 58. We scared the three friends of that weird Goblin in Winterspring and turned in that quest. Then made our way to Eastern Plaguelands. Turned in the book to that guy, ran to Darrowshire and found sister Pamela, and then went on to the Bulwark and turned in the Everlook Report...boom DING! (well, ok I was a few points behind, we went into WPL and killed on spider and then DING!) Went back to Undercity, trained and headed for the Dark Portal!!

Inside the Dark Portal and onto Thrallmar. Getting the early quests, we did the 'kill several demons', 'close the demon portals', 'bomb the two big portals', 'bomb lots of demons and cannons', 'kill Razorsaw and some other demons', 'gather wood and metal', 'gather Bonechewer blood' and 'burn the Alliance cannons'(yeah I don't remember the quest names, if you've done them you know which ones I mean!) and two hours later were level 59!! Yes, and about 500 hit points and 1000 mana points higher! I don't even remember what our spell damage went up to!

And now I have my 8th character in Outland. Wow.

I've also come to grips with the fact that I will probably have to delete my level 32 warrior in order to start a Death Knight on Kael' Thas. I know I don't *have* to start them there, but that is where our resources are so why not. And if Blizz isn't going to give us another character slot with the expansion then someone has to go. My two lowest on my account are the 30ish hunter and warrior. Since this hunter is played rather different than my other hunter, and the DK will basically be sort of a warrior-the warrior will probably be the one to go bye-bye. Now I have all this time to decide what race it will be and come up with a name!