Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So how did the raids go?

As mentioned in a previous post, I joined a guild. In the past week, while I was leveling my Dwarf Paladin from level 72 to 80, we ran 3 old raid instances for the achievements. The 3 were Onyxia, Molten Core and Zul'Gurub.

First was Onyxia(apparently just in time). There were 5 of us, level 80 Paladin tank, 80 Shaman healer, 80 hunter, 73ish Paladin(me), and a level 60 Warlock. It went really so much easier than I had expected. And frankly, after seeing that one video that has made the rounds for years, I was terrified! The fight didn't even seem to take very long and before I knew it there my first ever raid achievement!

I wasn't too concerned about getting any loot, since it's all level 60 items(the 18 slot bag would have been nice!). I did come away with one item, Eskhandar's Collar. It'll go in the bank as a reminder of this occasion!

And then there was Molten Core. And this time I was REALLY scared. C'mon it's frickin Molten Core!

I'm not sure how it normally works, but the 80 Paladin had been clearing trash in the days leading up, so I'm guessing we skipped other bosses. We did have to fight a few elementals on our way back. And had to fight the big ugly Naga guy, General something or other, in order to summon Ragnaros. And Rag is just as terrifying as I had imagined! He's HUGE!

This time there were only 4 of us at the start, 80 Paladin, 80 Warlock, 78 Paladin(me) and a 66 hunter. And our first attempt was a wipe. I have to admit, I understood the strats, but just couldn't figure out how to land IN the lava. When the small fire guys came out, they came right for me and I couldn't heal myself through it and we wiped.
So they invited a level 80 Shadow Priest and 80 Shaman healer and we tried again. This time it went smooth! I stood right beside the tank and figured out where to land when getting tossed up in the air and down he went!

This time my souvenir was Dragon's Blood Cape (though he isn't a dragon, so...I dunno!). And another cool classic raid achievement down.

Finally, last Friday, just after I dinged level 80(my 6th level 80!), we decided to run Zul'Gurub. This time we actually spent 2 hours in there, having to clear all trash and all the other bosses. Our group was 80 Paladin tank, 80 Paladin(me), 67 hunter and 70 Death Knight. The bosses prior to Hakkar were all fairly easy, though we lost the DK or hunter a couple of times. And no, no mounts dropped for us on the Tiger or Raptor bosses.
Eventually we got to Hakkar. Problem with Hakkar is the mind control. Our first attempt went wonky when the hunter died right away and I couldn't keep control of the tank when he kept getting mind-controlled. Our second attempt was to all out DPS, forget about the Sons of Hakkar thing. This time I managed to control the tank each time he was controlled-or at the very least I would take over tanking and kite Hakkar away from him. And before we knew it Hakkar was down too! I think I came away with the plate gloves he drops, but I really can't remember now. And I went from just starting rep with Zandalar to 800/6k Friendly with them from all of the coins and things that the trash mobs drop. It was mostly fun!

So yes, I'm 3 years too late on getting excited over fighting these bosses. I do feel fortunate that I've finally gotten to see them in person. But the worry I've had over these fights has given me an ulcer! I'm really not sure I was cut out for raiding(not to mention the whole hearing problem I have which prevents me from using Vent). The guild wants to help me get geared up for level 80 raids. They are so nice and helpful but I'm just not sure I can do this. And I just don't have the time to play WoW in the evenings when most people are on. I know, excuses, excuses, but I really think I was just meant to be a soloer.

Kickingbird's 25 Exalted reputations

I know it isn't much compared to the 40 that you need for the "Exalted" title, but it's a huge deal for me. My druid recently hit the 25 exalted reputations by finishing up her Sons of Hodir rep.

Now let's see if I can remember all 25 without checking the Armory!

Horde factions:
1. Thunder Bluff
2. Orgrimmar
3. Undercity
4. Darkspear Trolls
5. Silvermoon City

Other Horde:
6. Frostwolf
7. Tranquillien

8. Argent Dawn
9. Cenarion Circle
10. Timbermaw Hold

11. Sporeggar
12. Cenarion Expedition
13. Mag'har
14. Scryers
15. Ogri'la
16. Sha'tari Skyguard
17. Netherwing
18. Shattered Sun Offensive

19. Kalu'ak
20. Kirin Tor
21. Argent Crusade
22. Oracles
23. Horde Expedition
24. Sunreavers
25. Sons of Hodir

As for getting to 40 for the title, even though it is only 15 more to get, would require either some very hard grinds or lots of raids. And those just aren't going to happen! But this is a nice little achievement to have that none of my other characters will likely ever get.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't faint-I joined a guild

My main realm has 9 Horde characters all in one guild-my families guild-just the 3 of us. The 10th character on that realm is an Alliance level 80 with his own personal guild.

On a second realm I have a level 71 Dwarf hunter-also in our 3 person family only guild. And a level 75 Death Knight who remains un-guilded.

On a third realm I have a level 71 Blood Elf Paladin that I duo with my husband, also a level 71 Blood Elf Paladin-and they, too, are un-guilded.

Then there is my 4th realm. I have a level 75 Dwarf Paladin here now. And a few days ago I actually joined a guild. Yes, a real one, with real other people. Yeah, the people I've been avoiding for four years now. And I'm a little nervous.

Obviously I'm not high enough level to raid-yet. But I've mentioned before here one of the big reasons why I've never attempted to raid-my hearing. Simply put, when I try to listen to people talking on vent it sounds like one big mumbly garbled mess. But it's almost the same way when I watch television, so we always keep the captions on. It sucks when you are constantly telling your loved ones "what was that? could you repeat that?" It's not that I don't listen, I just can't understand what is being said.

And so this Saturday the guild is having a "Farewell to Onyxia" raid. Sure, with a dozen 80s and a bunch more 70ish's in there, the fight will probably be trivial. But that's not the point. I've NEVER raided before, AND I can't use Vent. So we shall see whether or not this works or is a flat out disaster for me.

And then there's the fact that most of the guild is on late in the evening and weekends. And those are my family times-whether it's watching television or playing characters we have together-that is the time I spend with them, not on my solo characters. I'd feel awfully guilty if I told them I didn't want to play with them because I want to play with other people. Doesn't work like that for me. Family is #1.

And so we shall see how this guild thing goes. It's weird being in a guild, already. I feel like I have all of these other eyes on me at all times. Should I continue to do what I feel like doing, what I enjoy-or do I have to feel obligated to stop what I am doing to do whatever with them. It's weird.

More reports to come on how this works out!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Guardian of Cenarius

Finally my druid has become a Guardian of Cenarius! I know it took me awhile, but seeing as how I don't run dungeons, I was barely honored after the time of Burning Crusade. I've spent time over the last few months doing the repeatable quest in Borean Tundra of Nesingwary ears. I hadn't done it too often though, because it was just too repetitive and not very fun or challenging.

So this past weekend I made the final 10k push with help from my husband and daughter. We ran Steamvaults 3 times and I turned in close to 50 Coilfang Armaments in order to hit exalted. And of course we picked up the Steamvault dungeon achievement in the process.

And the best part was finally being able to buy the beautiful Cenarion War Hippogryph. I might not use another of my flying mounts ever again!

This is a shot of Kick after getting her beautiful bird!

And upon buying the Cenarion tabard, I also picked up in the mail the Tabard of the Achiever that you recieve from the achievement for getting Twenty-five tabards! It was a very productive holiday weekend for me!