Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mission Statement

I've wanted to do an updated one of these for awhile. I'm bored at the moment, so I will do it now. :)

Why I play World of Warcraft:
Well, duh, because it's fun! And addicting. It's another world(pun intended, I suppose) for me to go to. There are tons of reasons. I have no 'real life' friends(aside from hubby and daughter) as I basically have Social Anxiety Disorder. I have an intense fear of talking with people I don't already know and rarely talk with those I do know. And yes, it carries over into the game. More about that later.

When did I start playing?
October 2005. Way back when! To be honest, Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005-my mom's home in Mississippi was destroyed(as in gone completely) and she came to live with us for awhile here in Tennessee. A few weeks later we were introduced to the game by a former co-worker/friend. With not being able to do much at all and gas prices starting to rise, well it made since to play this fun game and stay at home. And still, as gas prices rise, it makes more sense to pay for this game than the amount of money we used to spend travelling each weekend like we used to.

What is a 'misanthrope'??
Someone who dislikes other people. And generally I very much do dislike other people with a very few exceptions. There is my mom, my husband and my daughter. I love them. I somewhat get along with my sister. The 'friend' we had that introduced us to the game no longer speaks to us in-game and only rarely speaks to hubby over the phone(we aren't 'leet' enough). I generally do not have a good attitude towards anyone else. DON'T GET ME WRONG...I am extremely nice person-very polite, never EVER rude, hold doors open for people, smile a lot-I just don't want to converse with anyone at all. With me, 'Silence is Golden'. I just don't do well in 1v1 conversations-which is why I am horrible at answering e-mails but can blog all day long or post on message boards(as long as it isn't in confrontational threads).

And this is why I play 99% of WoW SOLO
Yes. For example, this happened recently while playing my Night Elf Druid. In Wetlands, headed to do the quest to fight the Orc tank things and then the boss Orc. Easily soloable quest. But there was another person there who invited me to a group. I declined. They whispered asking if I was on the quest and instead of answering, joining group and getting the quest over quickly...I logged out. I cannot bring myself to group with random strangers. It's why I generally don't do instances.

So why play an MMO??
Because this is still a really fun game! It's just that the aspects of it that I find fun are quite different from most players. And I don't really care. So I can't spend weekends travelling all over Tennessee or going other places, but I can still log in and run around anywhere in the world I want to go! I like pets, I have lots and lots of the mini-pets. I like the different mounts. I like attempting to gain reputation with many different factions(but only the ones I can do solo!). I also *obviously* like to level up alts! Small goals are whats fun, getting a certain level or looking forward to the mounts and such. I don't need purple gear to make me happy, I'd rather show off the rare mini-pet that I farmed like crazy for! I also can't stand the PvP aspect of the game, but that's a whole other post!

And why blog about it?
Well, I like to blog. I have several others I work on too about different things. I basically like talking to myself. And this is an opportunity to talk about a different take on this very popular game. To show how much of this game can be played solo. I'll be talking more about my progression through WotLK when it comes out too. And it is fun to go back and read old threads and remember when or how things happened. :)


Darth Solo said...

I feel for you. I'm almost exactly the same. I consider myself anti-social as I don't like to go out with people who I don't know very much, I absolutely hate bars, clubs, discos and parties and I can count my true friends on the fingers of one hand.

On the other hand, I do team up with people in WoW for group quests. It's a lot easier to and most people I meet are nice. Of course, I am happier when I can solo group quests but sometimes you simply cannot.

I too am a nice person in real life and once people get to know my they tend to like me a lot. It's just that I don't open up to newly made acquaintances. And besides it's hard for me to find people who share the exact same passions. So meh... I'm just fine on my own :)

Anonymous said...

I play WoW pretty much exactly like you. I'm bipolar/panic/anxiety disorder and I'll be 19 later this month, have a lot of friends offline but I know them all well. I play on a PvP realm 99% solo, except when I'm with one of two people I know in the game, who are friends outside of WoW. I don't do well with friend-of-friends, and I usually consider things I can't do alone (i.e. raids for gear, achievements for titles that require raiding or teamwork) to be impossible. I rarely reply to whispers and I'm incapable of standing in Dalaran advertising myself for a raid or selling enchants. still a fun game. I farm rep and hunt for companion pets and try to get mounts, and bother my socially normal friend to do dungeons with me sometimes. =D