Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What I did yesterday

So I got a wild hair yesterday and decided I need to get some things cleaned up with some characters.

With Kick, I still needed about 500 Shatar rep, and had the final triangle quest up in Netherstorm to do. Only it's a 70 elite rated g2 quest. So I loaded up on potions and whatnot and went at it and soloed it. No problem really. Had to frenzy at one point and finished at about 60% health. But got it done, turned in and got the 1000 rep. The blue reward pants are decent, but not better than the Consortium revered pants I am wearing. I did go buy the blue Dragonhide shoulders from the Shatar quartermaster and will gem them to be tanking shoulders. Doesn't really matter much, I don't tank much. Lol. Also went to SMV to knock out a few quests. Did one Scryers quest, did not feel like doing anymore. Attempted some stupid "tuber" quest to call a pig or something but couldn't figure it out so abandoned it. Have pretty much cleared out her quest log.

Same for Rayak. Went to SMV, finished the Akama quest line up to the point where you go to some instance. Also finished the Enraged Spirits quest up to the same stupid tuber quest-and didn't even bother to accept that one. His quest log has 2 quests right now, and one is the Shattered Sun gathering quest. Nice.

We also went on a search to see if my Shaman/hubby's hunter had any more quests that bring Shatar rep-each being at that 1 point away from honored. Had already done the ones in Netherstorm, already killed Levicus(whatever I guess), but FINALLY found that we had not killed Terebus, the skeletal dragon in the Bone Wastes. Did that easily and got honored with Shatar. The shoulders look great on his hunter. I am not trading out the things I am already am wearing on my Shaman, but it's nice to get over that hump anyway.

Also, on another realm, I managed to solo stealth run to the Lady Naga in BFD to get the Naga Heart Piercer bow with Hekubus, who is level 36. Sure beat the heck out of the crossbow he had been using since about level 15! Took 7 runs to get it. Now going to attempt to get Thornspike from the boss in RFK-hopefully I can solo that one too.

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