Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Death Knight names

So we have our Kael'Thas Death Knight names saved now. Mine is...

Krevsun...literally "Blood Sun" in Czech. Also the surname of a Russian hockey player who was drafted by the Nashville Predators. He only ever played here in training camp, but he was a nice kid. Unfortunately he passed away during practice one day a few years ago. Very sad. Oh, and my KT DK will be a male Blood Elf.

Granato...my kid's female BE DK...taken from the best female hockey player ever, Cammi Granato, sister of former LA King, Tony Granato. Cool.

Lebentag...hubby's female BE DK...it means "life day" in German. Get it? Death=life, (k)night=day? Heh heh.

I really, really cannot wait to get them started!

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