Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another 70!

Yes, I've finished leveling another of my characters to 70. This time it is Daneck, my human mage. Started him on dailies and he is already close to honored with Shattered Sun. Nothing good in either the cooking or fishing daily though.

Got REALLY lucky and found the Hyacinth Macaw on the AH Saturday for only 1g. I was stunned. It is quite possibly the rarest and hardest to get minipet and someone put it up for 1g! Oh well, their loss!

Started a Draenei priest on Draenor realm. She is level 10 now. Named Deschanel for the actress Emily Deschanel from the awesome show "Bones". I sort of have a thing for her partner, Booth, but since this character is a female, I wanted a female 'doctor' name and since this show is on my current 'hot list', well there ya go.


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