Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I've decided each day to put an biography on each of my characters-at least the ones I play the most. First up is my first main, Kickingbird, level 70 Tauren female Druid.

Kick was started in November 2005. Named for the character in "Dances With Wolves"(yes, he is a male, but he is the 'medicine man' and 'Stands with a Fist' didn't fit in the namer) and first character started on my new account(yeah I played a few on hubby's account before I decided I wanted my own). Rushed through leveling up to about 15 by hubby's Tauren hunter and friend's Troll hunter. First instance I attempted to heal was Wailing Caverns and I got chewed out when one person died at the last boss so I said "screw being a healer" after that and have been full Feral. That also pretty much turned me off instances(among several other horrible outings, I don't think there have been any good instances with your regular-type groups that I have attempted-so I just don't do them now).

After dabbling in several different professions, she settled on Enchanting and Mining, currently at 366 and 375. Fishing, Cooking and First Aid are all 375.

PvPed enough way back when to get the Frostwolf Howler(she does not like Kodos!) and a Senior Sergeant title-but hated every minute of it. Eventually went back to do quests to get exalted with Orgrimmar when reputation gains were changed. She now chooses between her Frostwolf, a Swift Gray Wolf, Swift Brewfest Ram and a Cobalt Talbuk(being Exalted with Mag'har). She has also managed to get to Exalted with Netherwing and Skyguard and chooses to fly either her Onyx Netherdrake or Purple Nether Ray. She is on the last step of the epic flight form, but I seriously doubt she will ever see the inside of a heroic instance so it will never happen.

In her spare time she likes to fish for Mr Pinchy(and cook up any food to sell on the AH), complete the daily fishing quest(only managed the truesilver line so far), and go mining. Oh, and attempting to get to exalted with Timbermaw-about 4k from Revered right now-but she gets bored easily with that.

Most recent accomplishment: Exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive. Soloing Culuthas for "Full Triangle" quest in Netherstorm(probably not that hard for most, but I have really crappy gear!) and the follow-up turn in to get to honored with Shat'ar.

UPDATE 10/3/2008
In the past month...Exalted with Timbermaw for "the Diplomat" title; gained 375 enchanting; still no good rewards from cooking or fishing dailies.

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