Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spirit of Competition

Blizz sure knows how to make someone crazy. Aside from my almost daily attempts at farming some rare dropped pets, now comes a pet that you get from doing something I really, really hate-pvp.

Spirit of Competition is a very cute little Chinese dragon that was released to honor the Olympic games going on now in China. You participate in a battleground(and stay to the end, and don't be dead at the end of the game) and you get a Competitor's Tabard. That is cool and easy enough-even though I loathe pvp, hanging out in just one game can't be too bad, right? Well, Daneck was dead at the end of his first 2 AV's and didn't get his tabard until the third game! Ugh.

Now to the pet...you have to WIN the battleground and THEN you have about a 1 in 8 chance of getting mailed the mini pet. So my first toon taking through this(Wormtongue) actually went about 5 wins and 11(or probably more) losses before getting his. Luckily Kickingbird got hers after her first win, Tohopka after her second and my Daneck after his 2nd. Rayak has not been so lucky. He simply isn't geared well enough to be a 'rogue in a battleground'. He did four AVs, won only one but did not get the pet. I do not know if he can handle going through that enough to get the pet. He may just be out of luck.

Wyl will not participate-he is fully against fighting other players. Eremit might, but I still have not decided yet.

Frankly, after kicking some boxes and putting a huge bruise across the top of my foot after just a few games, I just don't know if my nerves can handle anymore stress. I will just go back to fishing for Mr Pinchy-that's more my speed.

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