Friday, August 08, 2008


Rayak my Rogue. Level 70. Started a few weeks into TBC, on Feb 3, 2007.

Mostly started as a project-to see if I could get a Blood Elf to Exalted with another faction before level 40 so that he would not have to ride one of those chicken/ostrich things. And he did it. Hit Exalted with Undercity at level 36 and Exalted with Orgrimmar at level 38. He then went on to get Exalted with Darkspear Trolls and Thunder Bluff before level 45. He rolls on all mounts except his own factions. These days the mounts he carries also includes a Swift Brewfest Ram and a Silver Talbuk, along with his Epic Red Windrider.

Aside from being exalted with all home factions and Mag'har, he is also exalted with Sporeggar(nabbing himself the cute little Tiny Sporebat), the Scryers, and was my first to be exalted with Shattered Sun(he also bought the title 'of the Shattered Sun', why not?). He wants to be exalted with Skyguard(nearly revered now), but with only the one bombing quest open, it is taking awhile).

He enjoys cooking and fishing(375 and 350) and has been rather lucky in the daily quests. He has gotten all of the cooking recipes and from fishing he has gotten the Fishing Hat, Eye of the Sea gem, Truesilver Line, and baby crocs Chuck and Snarly. He has been trying for Mr Pinchy lately, but he gets bored easily. He likes the little pets who accompany him-though he has yet to teach them to stealth along with him, and sometimes they give him away. Most recently he found a Tiny Crimson Whelpling to add to his menagerie.

He doesn't do instances either(unless it is stealth runs for Ancient Lichen or Sanguine Hibiscus), and his only epics are the Shattered Sun necklace and a Cobrascale Hood he found on the Auction House! He bought the exalted Scryers dagger, but he prefers swords so he doesn't use it often. But he probably has the most fun of all the characters, hanging out in Shattrath his Haliscan hat, jacket and pants, with his Worg Pup and fishing pole.

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