Sunday, August 10, 2008


Wyl is my level 70 male Blood Elf Hunter. He was my last to level 70(currently). He was started April 19 of 2007, a few months after BC came out. He is named for the soul name of Elfquest character, Strongbow. Fitting name I think. He has reddish hair like Strongbow as well.

Wyl is a hunter, and half the hunter is his pet. Wyl's best friend is Briarsting, a little yellow boar he ran all the way to Westfall to tame back at around level 15. It was a long trip but it was well worth it and Briarsting is rarely far from Wyl's side.

Wyl was my third Blood Elf, and also third to be able to buy another faction mount at level 40-he had a skeletal horse and a wolf. He now spends most of his time choosing between his Swift Brown Wolf and Swift Blue Raptor. The blue raptor looks best alongside his favorite little mini companion, the Azure Whelpling.

Wyl likes to spend time farming and hunting. He is leveled 375 in both mining and skinning. His first aid is up to par, but his cooking and fishing skills lack a bit(74 and 31). He has never killed another player and hopefully never will. And the only faction he is exalted with(aside from the Horde ones) is Shattered Sun Offensive.

He is looking forward to all of the hunter changes coming in the new expansion and just might have to tame a Devilsaur just to say he did!

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