Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mini pets

Ok, so I've gotten a little obsessed with collecting the mini pets lately. I look them up at Warcraft Pets, and keep track of what I have on my profile there.

With the Spirit of Competition pet available now(see post below), and the news about a new pet with the "Achievements" that are coming in WotLK, I am much more aware of which of my characters has which pets. Before I basically bought whichever ones suited the character. And skipped many because of bag space. With Wrath comes all pets becoming spells and no longer taking up bag space so now I want ALL the pets I can get on most ALL characters!

With Spirit of Competition, so far I've gotten him with Kickingbird, Wormtongue, Tohopka, Daneck and Gediman. Rayak has not been very lucky.

Today I stealthed through LBRS with Kick to get the Smolderweb Hatchling, and will go back with Rayak to get it as well.

I stealth ran Underbog who knows how many times(it was about 5 hours worth) to get enough Sanguine Hibiscus to turn in to get Kick to exalted with Sporeggar for the Tiny Sporebat. Also went back with Kick to do the chicken escort quests for the Mechanical Chicken!

Gotta have them all!

Well, except for the ones you have to pay real money for. I will not spend money on e-bay to buy the rare pets from there. Frankly because I cannot afford it and because I would have to have 2 of them, one for me and one for my kid! As it is, it is tough to go out and get rare pets and also trying to get one extra for my kid. Tough with the really rare ones.

Oh well, back to farming...

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