Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fine tuning before WotLK...more

Want to check out my Scryer/Aldor rep on each character-posting them here so I don't have to keep checking the Armory or each character...

Kickingbird-Scryer 9655/12k
Rayak-Scryer Exalted
Tohopka-Scryer 4255/12k
Wormtongue-Scryer 4860/6k
Eremit-Scryer 390/21k
Wyl-Aldor 7660/12k
Dane-Aldor 1747/12k

Conclusion: need to get the last 1k or so just to get Worm to honored; would like last 2.4k to get revered on Kick; not too concerned about the rest with Wrath coming.

  • Need to farm more herbs with Rayak to prepare for him switching from skinning to inscription. Buy several bags and bank slots on one of the kid's extra characters for bank space to hold them.
  • Need more Greater Planers and Eternium Ore to get Kick the last 7 points in Enchanting and then get a Runed Eternium Rod made.
  • Mine loads of Adamantite to get hubby's Pally her last 10 points in Blacksmithing.
  • Mine loads more raw ore for power-leveling mining with Death Knights.
  • Help hubby get Shammy last 20 points in Leatherworking and his hunters last 3 points in LW
  • Get more mini-pets switched over via neutral AH
  • Get Daneck to exalted with Shattered Sun(currently 4964/12k) and at least revered with Kurenai(10297/12k) and farm the last 3 tokens I need for an 18slot Halaa bag.
  • Level up Dwarf Hunters(62) and Undead Warlocks(63) more.
  • Maybe level up NE Druid(now 40) a bit more.

Will add more when I think of it later...

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