Thursday, August 07, 2008


Eremit was my first Blood Elf-started the very night Burning Crusade came out(Jan 16, 2007)-bought at midnight and begun! A male Blood Elf Paladin, dark hair, very mysterious and quiet.

Eremit roughly means "hermit for religious purposes", and that is essentially what he is, he stays to himself completely, having taken a vow of silence. And he is deeply proud of being a Blood Knight. The Blood Knight Charger is the one mount on all my characters that I think I am most proud. And the Blood Knight tabard. Though he does hop on his Skeletal Warhorse every now and then when mana is low(he would NEVER ride one of those chickens!). And he has the plainest of the Windrider's, the Tawny one.

Eremit is a Jewelcrafter, getting started early. He is at 375 with 375 mining. He doesn't have too many of the rare Gem recipes, but only because he is rather tight with his money and can't see spending more than 300 gold on something like that! Crazy.

His first aid is up to par(375) but he never bothered to learn cooking. And one day on a whim he decided to learn to fish and attempt to catch that Croc in Orgrimmar. Getting his fishing to 11 that day, he reeled in the Croc and took it to turn in and the quest giver gave him a bag that had a baby croc named Toothy in it! 'Beginner's Luck' he says, and he hasn't fished a bite since then! He is also frequently seen with his buddy, Egbert, who is the polar opposite of Eremit's calm and quiet demeanor!

Eremit spends most of his time in Shat'rath, cutting gems and prospecting stacks of ore sent to him by Kickingbird.

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