Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Wormtongue, level 70 Undead Male Mage. Yes, named for the character in 'Lord of the Rings', however at the time Wormy was started(December of 2005), I had never seen or read any of the LotR movies or books. However, I do have a massive crush on the actor who plays him, Brad Dourif! I also have other characters using his characters names from other movies.

Wormy was started to play alongside an Undead Priest my hubby started(named Dourif...get it?!). They duoed all the way to 60, rarely playing with other characters. Wormy is an alchemist/herbalist, 375 in both. He was the first of my 60s to buy his epic mount back when the MOUNT was close to 1000 gold! Selling herbs and potions, yeah buddy!

He is 375 in first aid, but doesn't bother to cook(cannibalize ftw! Oh and free food from the head chef, Kickingbird!) and only fishes on the rare occasion(186 in that-he did get the Fishing Hat from the daily quest!).

Wormy hasn't chosen an alchemy specialization yet(though since he doesn't do instances, it would have to be Transmute) and he is my last to getting to Exalted with Shattered Sun(only about 6500 more to go). His only mounts are his (very expensive)Green Skeletal Warhorse, Swift Brewfest Ram and Green Windrider-though he is trying to get to exalted with Orgrimmar because he desperately wants a wolf!

The last things about Wormy...he did a bit of pvping back in his 20s. Sadly it was only enough to earn "Grunt" status and now he is stuck with it. I wish he had been stuck at "Scout" but no, "Grunt Wormtongue" is what he is.

Oh...and he is a hat freak. Yep, I'd say close to half his bank is full of hats-he loves them! I really wish he had more room to be able to collect more of them!

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