Friday, September 05, 2008

One thought about JERKS...

Just wanted a little side post to talk about the JERKS I came across in quick succession yesterday in Eversong Forest.

I went to see if the Blood Elf low level quests give full rep now and YAY they do now, since the last patch! So off to Eversong with Wormy. Doing one of the first quests, the Dead Scar kill 8 skellies. I went away from a low level doing the quest, further out and tried to get it done quickly and get out. I even at one point SAVED this little punk from a group that was chasing her when she was almost dead. And what do I get? A whisper telling me to "STOP KILLING ALL THE QUEST MOBS!!" I explained I wasn't killing them ALL and that I got the ones I needed for the quest and had moved on. This jerk then proceeds to tell me I have NO reason to be doing this quest, I couldn't POSSIBLY get any rep from a low level quest and there was no point in getting the rep anyway. I tried to politely explain that I DID indeed get full rep and that I wanted to get to exalted with Silvermoon and that there are PLENTY OF MOBS!

Don't try to tell me where I can play the game! I wasn't stealing any mobs and I have every right to be there. These are times I wish I was playing in the game ALONE. >.<

THEN...not five minutes later this happens...

Picking up the armaments from the quest near the docks. I then head upstairs to get the named mob for that quest. I get near the top and two level 9s have just finished killing him. No problem, I sit down to wait. One of them comes over and just starts /slapping me! So I ask "did I do something to you?" and I get the response "no im just joking around". WhaWhaWhat?? Joking? So I reply with "oh sorry I don't joke around by being RUDE". I await the named repop and kill him and then head down to turn in the quest. This level 9 Troll rogue is now there also and begins the /slapping again! Do children NOT have any manners anymore??? Yes, I put them on /ignore. I am just SHOCKED(or maybe not really) how absolutely RUDE people can be to someone that don't even know at all.

Another reason why I HATE this game!

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