Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Got my Sea Turtle!

Yeah! I finally went out to attempt to fish up the Sea Turtle mount. I went to the lake just south of Camp Winterhoof in Howling Fjord. One trip around the lake, 29 catches later, and there he was! I could not believe it! What's more shocking is that I got it so easily with Kick-she NEVER has luck with fishing! She still doesn't have any Crocs or the Fishing Hat and has only gotten worthless glass from the new fishing quests(and I can't count the MILLIONS of stupid lobsters I've caught so far without Mr Pinchy coming up)! I wonder if my luckier fellas, Rayak(has 2 Crocs, the hat, etc) and Daneck(got the Bone Fishing Pole in his first fishing daily bag, and has Chuck!) will fair just as well if I take them out??

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Very Casual WoWer said...

Grrr! This post makes me want that mount soo bad. Im levelling up fishing at the moment and I recently got the Sewer Rat.

Its good to see that the drop rate isn't so low that its impossible to get.

Keep up the good work!