Thursday, April 16, 2009

Explorer #5

That's right, I took an hour or so to finish running Daneck through Storm Peaks and Ice Crown to finish off his exploring, getting the tabard and title! He is one bar from level 74 now. Exploring XP just from the last few zones in Northrend filled up almost 2 bars. This makes him my 5th character with the Explorer title and tabard, and the 2nd one to get it before level 77(when you get flying in Northrend).

In other news, I got the Sprite Darter pet with Kick after about 2 hours and 10 minutes of farming. And then I went and got the Westfall Chicken putting her number of minipets at 70! Of course, the fishing quest in Shat was crocs but that mean old man just won't give Kick a baby croc. :(

Also, took my engineer on Kael'Thas, Tohopka, to Gnomer to get the recipe for Lil Smoky. Took about 6 or 7 Nullifiers to get the recipe and then back to Dalaran where I had all of the mats already. I never realized he was so small! And smoky! My engineer on Draenor couldn't get in to Gnomer for some reason, kept getting "Instance Not Found", so will have to wait on that one. And my third engineer will probably wait until next week as well.

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