Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rolling restarts today

So it looks like I might get to play a bit today. I am still trying to spend more time working on my photo website, but at least when I need a "fix" I can get on today.

Yesterday, leveled Wyndampryce to 25. Wonder if there are different demons I can find other than those in southwest Ashenvale? Those guys suck-they barely drop anything and those felguards have a knockdown and ticks me off. The satyrs in eastern Ashenvale are still too high level I think-need to check.

Also, Wyl opened his 2nd Oracles egg and got a Tickbird Hatchling. Cool, he didn't have that. Bought a new egg and took Rayak down and bought him a new egg too(he only needs the mount I think).

Hubby sold a Savory Deviate Delight recipe that dropped for us on Sunday for 400g!! That was on our baby Paladins on Norgannon that were broker than broke at level 25 so what a bonus! YaY!

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