Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And it goes down...of course

So the realms FINALLY came back up last night around 7pm my time. With HORRIBLE lag(due to either everyone and their dog logging on at the same time or hubby watching some tv show on hulu at the same time on his computer-not sure). I did get the following things accomplished before hitting the hay(and checking in again this morning to see the realms going down for another 2 hours!):
  • Rogue, Rayak:
  1. Talent points done
  2. Logged out in Grizzly Hills, took about 20 kills to get the book Technique: Rituals of the New Moon; made 4 books(1 black wolf, 2 red, 1 grey-black for me, red for my kid's mage, other 2 for AH)-put one on AH for 275g
  3. Fishing daily-Ghostfish, rewards-vile of poison which starts another quest to turn in to someone in sewers, awarded another 13g and 250 more Kirin Tor rep
  4. Put lots of glyphs that have been gathering dust in our guild bank on the AH-logged in long enough this morning to see 2 full pages of money from AH!!
  5. Bought black wolf mount in Orgrimmar
  • Hunter, Wyl:
  1. Talent points put in for him and pet(Briarsting is my boar from level 10, got in Westfall-look forward to doing some AoE Thunderstomp farming with him!)
  2. Put 20 slot bag in place of quiver! Stacked up ammo and I have so much bag space now! YAY!
  3. Bought black wolf mount in Orgrimmar
  • Hunter, Windextor:
  1. Talent points put in
  2. Bought black wolf mount!
  3. Equipped Travellers Backpack and have so much bag space!
  • Druid, Kickingbird
  1. Talent points put in(no dual for her, still kitty feral only)
  2. Fishing daily-Ghostfish, rewards-worthless piece of orange glass :( btw, my kid also did the quest and she got the porcelain bell which sells for 100g!
  3. Learned new cooking recipe, Black Jelly
  4. Did cooking daily-Convention
  5. Headed to Feralas to farm Sprite Darter. Lots of people on said they had gotten it quickly. After an hour I hadn't gotten one, so my luck just sucks
  • Rogue, Wyndampryce
  1. Just put several glyphs I had extra on the AH

And that's about all I had time to do. I went to bed at 11pm last night(which is at the least an hour past my bedtime, hehe, I'm tired this morning). And I log in this morning to see that realms are going down for another 2 hours. Sigh.

Need to...get started on Argent Tournament! I tried the Sprite Darter farming for an hour, I think more of that will have to wait now. And since it is Bind on Pickup, there won't be any need to shell out loads of G on the AH for it-which is sort of good(eek, just spent 1450g on Dark Whelpling last week-somewhere around 1500 kills and no drop makes someone very needy).

Should...log in with everyone and at the very least replace talent points.

Oh and addons...XPerl-had to update; TomTom-probably not going to worry about it being gone right now; LeaveMeAlone-WANT UPDATE OR EQUIVALENT NOW!; Altoholic-update is said to be coming, will live without for now; Ackis recipe List-updated; AmmoFu-completely broken, don't really need it now though. Everything else seems to be working okay, especially AuctionLite and GatherMate and Cartographer. Excellent.

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