Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch 3.1 is here

So much to do, so much time to wait for realms to come back up.

Mini-pet news:
  • Westfall Chicken available in Brill(my rogue has it, will be getting it now on all other toons)
  • Engineering pets available from dropped recipes in Gnomer(I have 3 engineers)
  • Crab pet available from new fishing dailies
  • Sprite Darter drops from Darters in Feralas(YaY! another to farm)
  • Many new pets from Argent tournament, 5 for own faction, 1 new "Squire" kid to follow you around, and finding the other factions pets in the AH(for tons of G I'm sure)(note to self: MUST level human mage SOON!)

New Recipes:
  • Alchemy: low level +hit elixir
  • Engineering: both pets available from drops in Gnomer
  • Inscription: dropped recipe in Grizzly Hills for book that transforms you into a wolf
  • Inscription: new glyphs from randomly dropped books(ick, I hate this)
  • Jewelcrafting: a few new ring recipes
  • Enchanting: some new ones, didn't really pay attention, my enchanting probably isn't high enough anyway
  • Cooking: 2 new recipes, also need to save up 100 tokens for chef's hat!
  • Fishing: new dailies in Dalaran! Chance for crab pet! Fish up turtle mount in pools! So much!
Re-doing ALL talent points!
Argent Tournament!
Three new low level Horde mounts!

Now I need to do some busy work so the day will go by faster!

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