Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's "Lost" night

Another reason why I don't raid! Yeah, I like tv shows. And no, I don't have tivo(and don't intend to get it anytime soon).

So here's the schedule...

Monday-Big Bang Theory, 2nd half of House, Monday Night Football in season
Tuesday-American Idol, The Mentalist
Wednesday-American Idol, Lost
Thursday-Bones, CSI,
Friday-this is family movie/pizza night
Saturday-nothing on tv, play WoW with family members
Sunday-Amazing Race

Any time not taken up when I'm not playing is usually spent watching something on The History Channel or Discovery Channel. And I usually go to bed at 9pm central.

There is no leeway in that schedule. The only nights there isn't something "concrete" planned is Friday and Saturday-and those are times I spend playing my characters with my husband and my kid. I could never agree to any guild's 'raid schedule' because I have my own more important schedule. :)

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