Monday, April 06, 2009

Update after vacation!

My goodness how fast a week can go by! And the week after that....grumble, grumble. So 2 weeks ago we had vacation time-kiddo off from school and hubby gets the week off from work. We did spend a few days on the road in East Tennessee, and a day at the zoo-but the rest of the time, we were leveling fiends!

You see, I get all day, every day to play alone. Notice why I have so many characters listed over there---->
Hubby and kid don't get as much time. Kiddo has 1 level 80 and 2 level 70s(one is a Death Knight), the rest of her characters are no higher than about 30 with most being 10 or lower. Hubby tries to play but he works a lot. He has 1 level 80, and then a 74, 73, 72, a couple at 70 and a 60 and the rest are 20s or lower. So they wanted to spend their week off playing!

It went by so fast it really seemed a blur, (and I should have blogged about it sooner-other things on my mind) but I will try to recall who all we played...(the numbers tell whether the characters are a trio, duo or my solo)

3 Death Knights on Kael'Thas: level 65 to 70!
3 Hunters on Draenor: level 69 to 71
2 My mage/his hunter: level 72 to 73
2 Death Knights on Draenor: level 72 to 74
and when I had time alone I got...
Hunter on KT: level 76 to 78
Druid on KT: level 62 to 64

I think that's about it. It was a great week! And then last week was back to normal and it just flew by too. It wil be summer before we know it. Sigh...

Also of Rogue Demon Hunter, Wyndampryce is now level 24!

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