Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kickingbird, as of now

This is my main, Kickingbird, level 80 Druid. I just wanted to show a screenshot of how she looks now. I only log in with her these days to do the cooking daily(gotta have that cooking hat when the next patch hits! Only 60 more tokens to go). And she will do the fishing daily when it comes in the next patch. Sometimes I go out and mine with her, but I try to use other characters that are still leveling up mining to do that.

And that is probably how she will look one year from now. That's cool. I like the look. She spends most of her time in some other form anyway, so it doesn't make much difference! Well, I do ride around on that Green Proto Drake that I got from the Oracles at times. Just because it's so freakin' cool!

But I love her. I love playing her. She is me. Yep.

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