Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Zul'Furrak and WACK servers

So we attempted ZF last night. First time through was my 44 Lock, hubby's 70 Sham and kiddo's 70 mage. First problem, took 5 minutes to get loaded in-should have taken a hint right there. Several instances of 'loot-lag'. And then when we FINALLY made it through the stair event, I got stuck in 'loot-lag' on the last boss and never got a chance to get the d-rod from the last guy for that quest. ON TOP OF THAT the Priestess didn't drop the Voodoo Mask, the Zilla didn't drop the dagger AND the Voodoo dude didn't even drop a BLUE!! OMG I've never seen such horrible drops before!! And to top it off not being able to finish that quest really ticked me off. And we will have to do it all again for hubby's Lock, unless we decide to skip the whole stair thing so neither of us get the quest done(no biggie, reward sucks for us).

GAH! I hate this game!!!

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