Saturday, March 01, 2008

Work work work

So we took a vacation a week ago and last week hubby has to work extra each day. And now Saturday morning and he is at work again-and he NEVER works Saturdays. Sucks. Means that I am not motivated to play much. I fiddled around with several characters yesterday, I don't even remember which ones. I just log in, run around, check quests, check bags, fly somewhere, sit there for a minute and then log out and log in with someone else.

Am I getting bored with this? Of course! Can I stop? Nope. Cannot stop. Will go grocery shopping this morning and then will log in and do something. Maybe play my hunter. Tempted to even start a new character on a PvP server-a Horde character. And I HATE PVP! Bored, bored, bored. Ugh.

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