Thursday, March 06, 2008

Doan again...

So we didn't have a lot of time to run to Doan again last night. Took my Lock first. Let me just say that in 2 attempts, STILL no Hypnotic Blade. Oh well, I am resigned to find something decent on the AH or wait for a quest reward or something else later. HOWEVER....on the first attempt, Ol' Doan did drop me this....Deadman's Hand!! Epic ring, +10 to stamina(good Lock stat), and chance for a frost nova when hit in combat-which I get frequently for some reason, mobs don't like my wanding much.

So while I don't really care about epic gear, it is NOICE grabbing this baby!! Heh. =)

Of course, then switching to hubby's Lock, and he gets Hypnotic Blade on first attempt. Then I ran him into Cathedral to catch up on XP and maybe get Whitemane's Chapeau(I have that on my Lock), but no luck there.

Such is life. We will probably move on to Uldaman next. Then ZF. Then somewhere else. It's amazing, I do hate instances, but only with groups I don't know. Running these Locks through instances have been the majority of their XP so far. They have really not done too many quests. No problem by me. Some get old, some I don't relish ever doing again! Some are fun and I don't mind so much. Nice to be picky and choosy.

But I think I still hate Doan, just a little less! Thanks for the purps Doan!!

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