Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ding 44

So our Warlocks got to 44 last night. Went to Stranglethorn and ripped through the Nessingwary quests that we had skipped earlier. All the way up to Bangalesh. Dinged 44 and needed to quit for the night. Went to train. Will get back to the King tonight(or next log in). Also planning to head to Zul'Furrak next chance we get to get our Carrot on a Sticks. Can't *not* get that little trinket! =)

Still playing more LotROnline though. Having fun with that, which is more than I can say for WoW right now.

Want to mention also, for those leaving random links in the comments....they lead to tinyurl.com or whatever, and I will not click on those no matter how many you leave here and hopefully no one else will either. Either keyloggers or gold sellers, I obviously do NOT approve of either one. So bugger off and only comment if you actually, ya know, HAVE a comment!! Thanks!

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