Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Summary

Warlocks: ran Uldaman, got to level 43. I got the chest piece from Grimlok and the cape from the Fire dwarf guy(I hate Ulda, I don't want to remember the names). The cape is 1 stamina more than the Silky Spider Cape from RFD, but it is FUGLY. I hate those short split capes. Gah.

Did some mining this morning. Not quite enough, I did have to buy some Adamantite Powder and Primal earth from the AH, but I *finally* got those last 5 points for my Paladin in Jewelcrafting! Yeah for 375! I still don't have a lot of blue gem patterns, but then I don't spend all my time on him and he isn't rich and dang those patterns cost a chunk on the AH. Whatever, noone wants my gems anyway, even the people I offer them to. Oh well.

Now to get the last 5 points for my engineer, which will not be easy because the orange items are pointless or too expensive and everything else is green or gray. And still too many mats. At least with the next patch, with Primal Nethers being made BoE, I can finally make one of those epic helms for her. That will be nice. That's ONE point! Heh!

Spent more time watching the "Lord of the Rings" movies this weekend. Fact: I'd never seen them all the way through before. Shocker, I know. And of course, LOTRO is on maintenance today. Figures....but then WoW will be tomorrow, so works out ok. And maybe patch tomorrow?? Too soon probably still, but who knows. I will be ready! Or not...


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