Monday, March 03, 2008


The warlocks we started a couple of months ago have finally hit 40. Actually they even dinged 41 before we logged out last night. And we actually died for the first time last night in Stranglethorn Vale. Attempting a level 46 quest. We almost had it done, but repops and adds and a Blood Elf hunter who was also too low for the area got us killed. No biggie(aside from the HORRID run in STV when you die somewhere in the middle!). I like the Felsteed, very cool to finally be riding one! Now the only mounts I've never ridden in game(normal level 40 mounts) are the Gnome thing and the Blood Elf chicken. I've also never gotten an Alliance Paladin mount, but it isn't much different than the Blood Elf one-and I think the BE one is much, much cooler!

Also did more mining this morning. I have finally gotten my Lock to 200 in Jewelcrafting. Now I only hope there is enough mats left over for hubby's Lock to get there as well. Or else I might be buying stuff off of the AH for him. I'm just sick and tired of mining.

Fishing- Rayak is up to 291 in fishing. I was fishing this morning while reading some Stephen King. Then some random numnut asks me to run him through SFK. Exit>log out. On to something else. ASK SOMEONE YOU KNOW OR DON'T ASK AT ALL! Gosh!

Sunwell Plateau-I think that is the name for the new place coming in the next patch. It's hard to tell, but I am hoping that it is possible to get to exalted completely solo. I hope so because I want to get my Paladin and Rogue and maybe even my Druid to exalted. That means lots of dailies, every day. And as far as I can tell, all of the quests(aside from Dungeon ones) can be done solo. That will be nice. Between those and the Fishing daily for my druid and rogue, it looks like I will be quite busy after the patch. Good thing is I can do most of the quests when most people aren't on. Bad thing is, GEEEZ another thing to suck me in!!! And it will most certainly suck for my druid and pally because I know as soon as they step foot out there, they will be asked repeatedly to do the new instance. Need to make sure to keep my /dnd up at all times.

Also coming in 2.4, new gear(meant for PvP) from honored reputation from 5 different factions. Two of these I don't have anyone honored in(Shatar and Keepers of Time), but at least I can get some gear from the other 3(Cenarion, Thrallmar and Lower City). I know it is meant for PvP, but for the most part it is better than a lot of the gear I am already wearing for PvE. Yeah, missing +hit and things like that, but I will deal with it when it is clearly superior to what I am wearing. NOT that I care about gear(remember that one!), but hey, basically easy dungeon-equivalent gear without having to go to a dungeon is nice. Just helps me kill those mobs while soloing that much easier. Even though I know in a few months it will probably all be replaced by new stuff in Northrend. Oh well, no biggie to me, I'm sure it makes all those epicced out freaks cry....GOOD!

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