Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Last night (I hate Doan!)

We didn't do a whole lot. Ran around grabbing some flight paths for level 40ish zones with our Locks. Hinterlands, Searing Gorge, Feralas. Did the Ogre quests in Feralas, got some decent boots. Did the Warlock level 40 quest for the offhand/staff. Didn't really like the staff so much, offhand is excellent. Now only need a sword/dagger. The only decent one I know of is the Hypnotic Blade, drops from Doan in Scarlet Monastery.

So we decide to run it quick to get us each the Blade. He had one, but sold it awhile back when he couldn't get a good offhand. Sigh... So we(he on 70 Shaman, my Lock) head over. Able to skip a lot of the mobs and the runs take about 12-15 minutes. Thing is, after 3 tries I got Mantle of Doan and the Illusionary Rod all three times!! GAH!! We decided to try our luck with my 70 Druid and his lock. One time and it was the exact same drops. Must not have been our day. >.< And done for the night. Will try again today maybe.

Also, about those awesome tabards I linked is starting to look like you HAVE to kill that level 70 mob in some instance(holiday only spawn) in order to get it. THAT SUCKS!!!!! I do NOT want to have to run this stupid instance to get an awesome tabard!! No, No, No!! Dang. I hope I can manage to bring myself to do it once(and hope I don't get laughed at for my gear-NOT THAT I CARE!) JUST to get that tabard. If not, oh well, I don't really care that much. They have added 2 new pets as well, and one drops from this guy and one drops in the new Sunwell instance. Screw you Blizzard! The people who collect mini pets tend to be the people who don't collect purple gear!! GAH!!!

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